Best Recruiting Agency: The Main Selection Criteria


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Searching for employees through recruiting agencies has become the norm in the business community. The advantages of this approach have been proven by many years of practice. If you are searching for “staffing agencies near me” and worried about which company is right for you. There are criteria for choosing the right recruiting agency. Identify the critical points for yourself and find “your” agency for long-term cooperation.

Best Recruiting Agency: The Main Selection Criteria

In order to immediately narrow down the range of search, the employer needs to understand what type of trade recruitment agency is preferable for him. You will have to choose from the following categories:

Personnel holding companies

They have multiple divisions and branches in different regions. They do it with high quality. It is better to contact them if you need a search in another region. The Sydney recruitment agencies have an extensive search network and many contacts. They can be tasked with hiring exclusive professionals or executive assistant Sydney who are difficult to find with standard recruiting methods.

Medium-sized agencies

They have several divisions for the search for employees of different profiles. They are limited to one city or region. They cost less than holdings, quality – as luck would have it.

Recruitment agencies in Dubai of this format usually treat each of their clients tenderly and reverently, unlike holdings, but they are inferior to them in terms of the opportunities to work in the regions. You can entrust the middle class with both Headhunting and Executive Search, but only if you are sure of their quality. Everyone undertakes such tasks, but only a few do it at the proper level.

Activity in the Internet environment

Usually, the first acquaintance of a manager with a potential contractor takes place on the Internet. Pay attention to the website of the recruiting company. First, it just has to be. Secondly, it should be simple, easy to use, and nice in design. If you see that the site is in a hurry “on the knee,” it is better to look at another option.

Also, pay attention to the company’s social media activity. Modern agencies, among other things, are also actively looking for specialists in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. And it would be strange if the company is not registered in any of them.

Checking the reputation

To look at reviews on the Internet is, of course, a necessary thing, but we all know how the majority of laudatory praises are created. Much more important is the opinion of real customers who have already dealt with this company. Try to reach out to previous clients of the agency and get their opinion on the contractor’s work. Let them share even minor disadvantages – they may be critical for you.

In general, if the agency has nothing to hide, it will share both successful cases and customer contacts at the first meeting (if, of course, this does not contradict the agreement on non-disclosure of information).

Measure the success of the agency

This requires a bunch of numbers, and hardly even the most open and honest agency will provide you with all the necessary data. But you should still try to find out some parameters:

  • The presence of long-term partners – those who have applied to the agency again;
  • The ratio of closed vacancies to outstanding orders;
  • The number of vacancies for which it was necessary to work out a warranty replacement.

These parameters could tell a lot about the company’s success, but at the same time, the agency is not obliged to disclose such information. As a manager, should you not know about the importance of trade secrets? You can throw a rod, but be prepared to refuse.

Free employee replacement

Free replacement of an employee is a “must-have” service for every self-respecting agency. Its essence is that the recruiting company undertakes to find another specialist for the customer free of charge if he has not passed the probationary period or quit during this period. Some agencies are so confident in the quality of their work that they even provide a guarantee:

  • Guarantee for the term of the order
  • Guarantee of employee efficiency
  • Specialist replacement warranty

Experience and seniority

This parameter applies both to the staffing company itself and directly to the recruiter who will take care of your order. And the latter is more important! The agency may be very young, but with experienced bloodhounds. Or already aged, but with “green” employees (due to staff turnover, for example). It is easy to guess that the first option is preferable. So be sure to ask what length of service and experience “your” recruiter has.

Recruiters are opinion leaders

One of the indirect signs of the agency’s success is the presence of a recruiting guru among its staff. These are people who are considered experts in the industry. Such people actively participate in conferences, write textbooks, conduct seminars and training; their opinions are quoted in the media.

Bottom Line

So when you search for “staffing agencies near me,” you must consider the above parameter. In this way, you will get the best services for your business.


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