In 7 Steps Prepare Your House for Painting Services


Painting is a wonderful way to uplift your house as it is one of the cheapest solutions to bring your house to life. Though interior painting can an easy DIY job, the risks are always high. There is a number of small details that results into a quality product and with DIY process it’s easy to skip them. Whereas when you hire the professionals, they do it very keenly. From scrapping the walls to the touch-ups, they take the responsibility. Beyond everything, painting job requires a little preparation that should be done before the painters arrive. Follow the seven steps to prepare your place and make the painting job easy for exterior or interior painting contractor in Rocklin CA.

In 7 Steps Prepare Your House for Painting Services

Removing the furniture

Furniture being an important investment of any house, you cannot let your paint ruin it. Therefore, it is better to cover the furniture pieces with the covering sheets so the paints drop that spills should only fall on the covering and your furniture is saved. Remember that if you think you could scrape off the paint, that is wrong. Even if you try to scrap it, it will peel off the paint as well destroying your furniture completely.

Covering the floors

No matter what type of floors you have installed in your house, paint drops will destroy them equally. Just like furniture and upholstery, the paint spills will destroy the wooden floors, tiles, marbles and carpet flooring. Instead of uplifting the house appearance, your house will look ugly. It’s better to cover the floors with the coverings before the professionals enter your place.

Remove the wall hangings

Wall hangings will create a hurdle for painting the walls. If you think that professionals will take care of it, you should rethink. Therefore, if you love the décor ornaments hanged in your house on the walls, remove them and place them somewhere same. Also when you remove the wall hanging before painting, the professionals will fill the holes and you get a chance to re-décor the house the way you want it.

Cover the outlet and switch plates

Professionals are trained to paint the house, covering every corner and every inch of your house. while applying the strokes on your walls, they often apply the paints on the switch plates and outlets, blocking them from supplying the current. To avoid such scenarios, it is better to cover the switch plates and outlets in advance as peeling off the switches may damage them.

Clean the walls

To get a smooth texture, cleaning the walls is very necessary. Beyond removing the wall hangings and another décor from the wall, you should also apply scrapper to smoothen the walls. Although you can expect this from professional providing home painting service in Rocklin CA, yet in case they forget, you should do it to get a smooth result. The wall with an uneven surface does not offer a texture that you aimed for.

Tape properly

Tapping is one of the techniques that lead to multiple painting ideas. However, if taping is not done properly, your project will lead towards a failed project.

Allocate a place for material 

Painting job could become a little messier if not handled keenly. To avoid creating a mess inside your house, we suggest you allocate a separate place where the painters can place their brushes, scrapers, ladder, and paint boxes.


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