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In today’s age of glamour and glitz, we all are very considerate towards our skin. Pollution, sunlight, and other factors affect our skin adversely. That is when special treatments come in the picture. They help to protect and nourish your skin, preventing any damage to the cells.

One such treatment is BroadBand Light Photofacial. This corrective therapy is preferred by many who love to take care of their skin. It works in a simpler manner by using the BroadBand Light to target the damaged areas.

FAQs - BBL Skin Treatment

The damaged area can be affected due to sunlight, aging, or other complexities related to the skin. It cures the area, making it younger, healthier, and much more nourished and clear. Now, let us have a look at some frequently asked questions about the treatment.

How does BBL skin treatment work?

The treatment is based on light energy delivered by the BBL. The light is delivered to the targeted areas through laser energy. This process heats the skin layer, further transferring the heat to skin cells and regenerating them. BBL treatment works for both pigmentation and redness. For pigmentation or brown spots, BBL reaches the area to treat it, which results in the peel of pigment within 7-14 days from the treatment. If the problem is red spots, then the procedure is entirely different. In such a case, the blood vessels present in the layer of the skin absorb the energy and then close the pores.

Which areas and problems can be targeted through BBL?

BBL skin treatment is capable of treating all body parts. The treatment procedure is generally used to treat pigmentation, freckles, aging spots, and redness. It also treats loss of luster, firmness, uneven skin tone, and rosacea. Patients facing severe sunburns can also opt for this treatment.

Is the treatment painful?

Patients might feel certain irritation or discomfort if the treatment is performed on the more sensitive areas of the body and face. However, many a time, a topical anesthetic is given to the patients. After that, the treatment only feels like a warm sensation.

Are there any precautions to be taken?

During the treatment, a cooling gel is applied to the area. You are also recommended to consult your doctor about the number of treatments you will require. It is also suggested to avoid the rays of the sun at least four weeks before and after the procedure.

What is the average number of sessions required?

Usually, four sessions are recommended with a gap of three months each. Additional sessions could be suggested in case of severe cases of sun damage or broken capillaries, with a session every 2 weeks- 4 weeks.

Any major changes to the routine after the treatment?

The best part about BBL skin treatment is that you can resume your normal routine right after the treatment. However, usage of sunscreen is highly recommended, along with avoiding the harsh rays for a month or so after the treatment.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost is approximately $400-$600, but it majorly depends on the number of sessions which your skin will require to heal completely. That’s why it is essential to discuss these factors in detail with your doctor before the treatment.

Well, this was all you needed to know about this special treatment. Sounds so easy, isn’t it? Who knew you could get rid of the rigid brown or red spots on your body with such ease. Though, it is advised to speak to your family doctor or check for any skin infections before going for the treatment. Also, consider all precautions for the best results.

I hope you are now looking forward to getting healthier and happier skin!


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