4 Surprising Ways Dogs can Strike you with Inspiration!


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One thing that every pet parent can agree about is that your pet can be a great source of inspiration. All pets are adored and loved. But dogs take precedence in this matter. If you are a dog parent you will agree with this idea too. The man’s best friend, loyal to every bit of their bones, dogs are incredible pets. They not only shower you with love but also teach you important and valuable lessons of life. But even so, you must be open to learning the quick ways around depression, anxiety, stress, and responsibilities.

4 Surprising Ways Dogs can Strike you with Inspiration

But how can a dog teach you a meaningful life lesson when they cannot even speak your tongue? The love language between the dog and dog parent says it all.

Meaningful Ways Dogs Creating a Sense of Inspiration in Dog Parents

Present Tense

Living in the present is more important than living in the past. This is especially true if you face a dilemma in any phase of your life. It may have sucked out the happiness but no worries! Dogs can strike you in the mood right away.

If you ever wondered how a dog contemplates life? Truth be told, dogs cannot care less about what’s going on in the world. They care about the owner (present tense). Even if you adopt one of the best dog breeds for kids from a shelter soon, the warmth and love given by the kids will help them recover from their past traumas. We as humans can do the same!

A dog’s life is simple. If they see a ball they think “oh boy oh boy! It’s a ball!!!” or if the clock strikes 9 am it is breakfast time, then your dog will go like “BREEEAAAKFAAASSTT!”

See? No worries.

Sense of Being Grateful

Dogs teach us how to be grateful in the first place. It’s easy for us to complain about low earnings or no rest for the wicked and whatnot. No matter how tired a dog is after a playful day, or how little food they have in their tummy, their eyes will shine bright with the love they have and be grateful for your presence.

Isn’t that what Max did when his dog parent used to come after all day long, he would be sitting by the door ready to pounce.

Dogs DO NOT take anything for granted! Every Time they wake up they will pounce on your shower your face with their watery licks all over their face as if you are their favorite person in the world. Being a dog parent teaches us not to take our relations for granted. Every moment, every day is new, brings a new series of routines with the loved ones.

Say no to a Bad Past!

One cannot put enough emphasis on this (I know it’s discussed already but here’s the catch) that to live your life, you need to let go of the bad things. This is what living in the moment is all about.

When you are dog training your new pet, you learn one thing foremost – patience and consistency. If you can let go of the anger and impatience, you can achieve new goals in life too.

If it helps, evaluate your old and new version of yourself before and after adopting the dog. You might have been depressed or stressed due to a bad breakup or any other reason. After adopting the dog, a person re-evaluates their lifestyle preferences to a great deal. It helps them to move forward.

Keep Faith Strong, Always!

Did you notice that even if you are a poor dog parent (habits-wise) your dog will still come to you at the end of the day? This strongly reminds me of the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. Even after the owner died, the dog would go run to the very subway stop his owner used to drop off to come home. Surely it brings tears to my eyes even recalling the movie.

There are other exemplary movies with the same moral lesson, no matter how hard life gets, your dog will have the faith in you, no matter what. They do not easily get discouraged. Even if you forget to feed them one time or do not play with them, they are your ready-to-go-pal at all times.

How cool is that!

What you Need to Remember

It may sound like dogs are the wonderful miracle of nature. If you look closely, then every dog parent will agree with you nonetheless. Dogs are yet another chance of living a life, having a role play that you may have never experienced otherwise.

So instead of hesitating one should at least try once in their lifetime to adopt a dog and see how they influence their lifestyle!


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