4 Different Types of LEDs You Need


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Growing environmental concerns require attention. Everyone in the world should do their bit to ensure that there is minimum wastage and reduced carbon footprint, along with minimum electricity consumption. These days, advancement in technology has given rise to newer ways, which enable the reduction of carbon emissions and reduced electricity bills. One such way is switching to LED lighting.

4 Different Types of LEDs You Need

In comparison with incandescent light bulbs, they produce light 90% more efficiently and last multiple times longer. There are various LED Lighting products for homes such as LED bulbs and fixtures for basic lighting applications. There are trustworthy brands like Luminous that provide bright and reliable led lighting products for use in your homes. Here, look at the various types of LED products to choose from:

1. Led Bulb

Using led bulbs in homes, offices and other spaces has become a common practice. Led bulbs convert 80-90% of their energy into light and not heat (whereas older glass incandescent bulbs do the opposite, they convert majority of electricity into heat). They are recyclable and do not contain harmful elements such as mercury. Some led bulbs ensure a longevity of up to 20 years with 25000 hours of life. They consume less energy and ensure high performance. Led bulbs can sustain harsh weather, vibrations and shocks as they are made of sturdy materials and components. Unlike a Glass Incandescent Lamp, these do not break when they fall on the floor, hence are also much safer.

Along with that, they also ensure glare-free brightness. One of the qualities of a led bulb is that it can also work on low voltage power. You must purchase led bulbs as they help you in the longer run.

2. Led Batten

LED Battens (i.e. completely integrated LED Tube Sets) can light up every corner in your room effectively, because it spreads the light in all directions. Good Quality LED Battens are ideal solutions for living rooms and bedrooms and kitchens, where it is incredibly vital to have proper lighting levels. You can use LED Battens to lighten up all other areas of your house, such as staircases, washrooms, entrances and balconies of your home. Just like LED Bulbs, LED Battens reduce your electricity bills significantly as compared to your regular Glass Tubelights, while also lasting much longer than them. Many LED Battens come with inbuilt superior surge protection of 2.5 KVA, which increases the reliability factor (i.e. it can withstand voltage fluctuations inside your house). It is essential to invest in these products to get widespread brightness and ample lighting for every corner in your room.

You can use a smaller version of ~1-Ft or ~2-Ft length for use above your mirrors in Bathroom or Dressing Table. Or, you can use the regular size of 3.5 to 4 Feet length for use in your Bedrooms / Living Rooms (though ~3.5-Ft or ~4-Ft would give the same amount of illumination and light spread)

3. Led Spotlights

Good lighting enriches your home décor. Led spotlights should be the next addition to your house if you want to add of touch of style to your interiors. These lights focus on a small area with a beam of high-quality light. Led spotlights are usually used in cupboards, cabinets, or to illuminate wall paintings. These lights, unlike led bulbs, are used for the decorative illumination of certain areas in your house, such as highlighting a wall portrait. Due to such reasons, they have become a popular choice in the market. Reliable brands such as Luminous provide many colour options such as red, pink, warm white, blue and green in LED spotlights. You can select the option most suitable for you and decorate your house with subtle or vibrant colors.

4. Led Surface Rings

With Surface ring, you can convert any slim panel to surface panel without any hassle. You must understand that this product is mostly applicable to your bedroom or living room. These surface rings do not require a false ceiling and can be installed easily. They require minimum effort for maintenance and provide the benefit of protection from high voltage surges. It is essential that you invest in led bulbs, and similarly, you must also get led surface rings for your home. For more details about this, visit the site.

Led Lighting for a Brighter Future

Led light products are the most viable products that will ensure environmental friendliness. These lights have proven to be efficient. Therefore, you must purchase led bulbs, surface panels, and so forth, which will give your home a green lighting alternative. With the rising demand, there are a variety of choices available. Spreading the goodness of unwavering, glare-free lighting- reputed brands like Luminous offers LED lightings that are well ahead of its time. Other than LED Bulb, LED Batten, LED Surface rings and LED Spotlights, they also have a comprehensive range of LED floodlights, LED Streetlights, LED Gate Lights & LED Wall Lights, LED Downlighters and LED Ceiling lights, among others. These smart lights also save your money by saving up to 85 per cent of energy compared to traditional lights. So, choose the one that fits your home décor and gives you a premium lighting experience. Shop now!


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