6 Ways to Cavity-Proof Your Kids Teeth


Kids are more at risk to dental problems than adults. This simply has to do with their eating habits and their lack of oral hygiene. Parents should know little ones can’t take a good care of their teeth. They can’t brush properly, can’t floss with care, and above all, may be lax with the whole oral hygiene thing. And don’t forget, kids love sugary foods which can promote bacterial plaque and lead to tooth decay or cavity. So, rather than waiting to get their cavities filled, it’s good to inculcate in your child good oral care habits and help them stay on top of their dental health.

6 Ways to Cavity-Proof Your Kids Teeth

Here are ways to cavity-proof your kids’ teeth –

1. Make your child brush daily

Cavities will attack anyone not taking care of their teeth and not cleaning their teeth properly. By following good oral hygiene, the risks of cavities can be brought down considerably. As a parent, you should make your child/kid brush properly and by using right technique. You must help them brush twice a day, using a fluoride-containing toothpaste and doing the brushing thoroughly. This will help break the storage of plaque and bacteria which reduces the occurrence of cavities.

2. Teach your kid right brushing etiquettes

Brushing may look a simple task from the outside but it’s actually not. In fact, it has its own rules to follow to keep your teeth healthy and strong. For example, if your child does not brush 2-3 minutes each session daily, he/she may not be able to clean their teeth properly. And if the kid does not use circular motion, there will not proper cleaning for sure. Only right techniques with brushing can help keep away plaque and minimize the danger of cavities.

3. Don’t let your child miss the flossing

Oral care is not only about brushing; it also involves flossing when the goal is to prevent cavities. Brushing is important, but it is surely not enough, as toothbrush bristles are often thick enough to enter between the teeth and clean properly. This is where flossing helps as it can help remove food debris, plaque, bacteria and anything stuck between the teeth and ready to build up to increase the chances of cavities.

4. Take them to the dentist regularly

Cavities are entirely preventable if you’re careful enough. Which means, taking your child to the Pediatric dentist Las Vegas NV regularly can help as check-ups and dental exams can find signs of caries or holes early on. Dental experts recommend taking the child to the dentist from the moment their first tooth emerges as this can help maintain superior dental health. With regular dental check-ups, preferably after every six months, you can be sure that your child is free from the risks of cavities.

5. Limit their sugar intake

Kids love sugary items, more than anything else. You can find them relishing candies, chocolates, lollies and cakes at every given opportunity. This is bad for their dental health as it can cause cavities. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to limit their sugar intake and prevent tooth decay. Sugar in any form can be bad for the dental health of your child, and the more your curb its consumption the better.

6. Use Fluoride

If you are concerned about the risk of cavities for your child, it’s better to start using fluoride more often than you do. Apart from using a toothpaste containing fluoride, you can consult a nearest dental clinic and see if more fluoride-rich items can be had for the child. You can also ask your child to drink more of the tap water which is actually fluoridated.


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