All You Need to Know About PDO Mono Threads


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Are you looking for an anti-aging solution to your skin? Have you always heard about thread lifts and PDO mono threads, but have no idea what they do and how they do it? Keep reading to find out all you need to know about PDO mono threads!

All You Need to Know About PDO Mono Threads

What are PDO mono threads?

PDO mono threads are a short and biodegradable single type of filament which are smooth and without barbs. They are made from polydioxanone, which is an absorbable, flexible and durable polymer.

PDO mono threads are inserted into the sub-dermal levels of the skin in a mesh-like pattern to stimulate natural collagen production within the body. Collagen is one the most important proteins in your body which help to keep the skin mark-free and hydrated, and as such, it is beneficial to PDO mono threads to encourage your body to produce more collagen.

The threads activate a collagen synthesis in the body, which helps to promote gradual skin thickening, tightening and rejuvenation.

How long does a PDO mono thread lift last?

The effects of PDO mono threads may be seen six weeks after the initial appointment, and such effects may improve over a six month course. As the threads dissolve, their effects may still last up to one year.

How painful is a PDO mono thread lift?

PDO mono thread lifts are minimally invasive and often slightly uncomfortable more than painful. Dermatologists or beauty skincare specialists will apply a topical anesthetic cream onto the areas of your face which will be threaded so that you feel less pain as well.

How often can you get PDO mono threads?

As the primary use of PDO mono threads is to induce natural collagen production, it can take a while before you see the full effects of a PDO mono thread lift. As a result, you will need to space out your threading sessions and wait to see effects before undergoing your next session.

You can get PDO mono threads every six months or under the recommendation of your skin specialist.

Where can you get PDO mono threads?

You can get PDO mono thread treatments at qualified and registered skincare clinics or beautician shops. To ensure the best and most effective results, it is important to research how experienced a cosmetic dermatologist or skin care specialist may be before undergoing their PDO mono thread treatment.

It may also be beneficial to research what brand of PDO mono threads a skincare or beauty clinic is using, as some brands may be more effective or costly than others. Matrix PDO mono threads for example are known for their smooth tightening and thickening effects on the skin.

Matrix PDO mono threads are only used at a few select clinics in Australia, which are partnered with skin care and aesthetics distributor EnVogue Skin. Researching the skincare distributors your dermatologist or skin specialist works with will ensure you learn more about the types of PDO threads they are using.

Interested in undergoing a PDO mono thread lift? Make sure to consult with a dermatologist or registered professionals at a beauty and skincare clinic first!


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