Types Of Wooden Floors You Should Know Of For Your Interior Decor


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Wood is one of the oldest flooring materials. With the progression in time, other types of flooring materials have also come into the light but none of them has enjoyed the popularity of wooden floorings. Wooden floorings are still the most sought after flooring. Wooden floorings have stood the test of time and the reason behind this is the versatility of the floorings. Whatever your style or taste might be you will find suitable wood flooring that matches your style. Wood floorings come in contemporary, upbeat, and eclectic looks that add grandeur to your dull floors. There are a lot of patterns and designs to choose from.

Types Of Wooden Floors You Should Know Of For Your Interior Decor

Another important feature of the wooden floorings is their durability. Wooden floors can go a long way if and when maintained properly. With the help of floor sanding Sussex experts, you can restore the looks of your floor any time you feel the need for it. Also the flooring is natural so you do not need to constantly worry about the harmful chemicals or compounds that can harm your health.

A floor that reflects your style, taste and elegance

So this was all about the benefits of wooden flooring. Now when it comes to personal choice, everyone has a different taste. Some might want a classic look while others might go for a more modern appearance of the floor. So you need to visualize how you want your flooring to look after the flooring installation is completed. Also, make sure that the flooring of your choice either blends in or complements the walls and roof. A contrasting floor might also work but in most of the cases, a matching floor that goes well with the wall and roof designs is an ideal one. Well, no matter what your taste is you will find all wooden floors here.

So here is the list of types of wooden floors you should know about before you get your interior decor done.

1. Oak

Oak is the most widely used wooden flooring. Oak wooden flooring is known for its thickness and rich texture. It has warm hues that go very well with the interiors of most homes. Oak can be used to give a contemporary or rusty look to your interiors. There are two types of oak wood flooring. Red oak and white oak. White oak is thicker than red oak. Red oak has a rating of 1290 on the Janka scale while white oak has a rating of 1360. Red oak has orange undertones while white oak comes in grey shades. The oak is an elegant option for wood flooring.

2. Cherry

Like red oak cherry also has a red hue but the hue is more inclined towards the brown spectrum of the color. The Janka rating of cherry is around 960 making it suitable for delicate rooms that do not involve much movement. For example a dining room or bedroom. The texture of cherry is smooth and adds to the polished appearance of the roo. It gives an overall sophisticated look to the room. The grain pattern of cherry makes it a hot favorite of the masses.

3. Walnut

The walnut wood flooring has a Janka rating of 1010 making it suitable for the areas where there is medium activity. Also, walnut wood flooring may crack under heavy pressure. So make sure to use this chocolate hued beautiful flooring in your master bedroom or living room.

4. Hickory

Hickory is one of the hardwoods and is ideal for the heavy activity areas, unlike cherry and walnut. Hickory is in fact one the strongest wood flooring. It has a Janka rating of 1820. With such a high rating it is resistant to abrasion and it’s used for the flooring of auditorium halls, gymnasium floors, or seminar halls. Hickory wood flooring gives a rustic appearance to the floors. Hickory also has a range of warm hues just like oak wood.

5. Maple

Maple wood also has a high durability. Although maple is no competition to the hickory, the wood has substantial thickness and endurance. With a Janka rating of 1450 maple is suited for the flooring of most commonly used rooms. It can also be used for kids rooms as it can handle all the activity easily. The hues of maple range from light brown to tan making its usage versatile. The texture is also grainy with some dark streaks.


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