Reasons Why the Gorgeous Seiko Is the Ultimate Trendy Watch


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We understand that even though Japanese-made watches do not get the same prestige as compared to their Swiss contemporaries, however, they deserve your love and attention. What could motivate somebody to buy a Seiko timepiece? Somebody passionate about watches could truly appreciate and acknowledge the subtle characteristics and virtues of a watch from the Seiko collection known for their superior quality, beauty, and timelessness.

Reasons Why the Gorgeous Seiko Is the Ultimate Trendy Watch

Seiko has a rich horological heritage and whenever you wear a Seiko watch, it speaks volumes about your personality. Seiko is meant for the people who have a refined taste and love to flaunt exotic watches. As per, experts believe that a great watch could potentially enhance the overall appeal and could hugely impact how a businessman can present himself in front of his clients and customers. Here are some of the top reasons to buy a Seiko watch.

It Has Met Inspection Standard & Passed the QC with Flying Colors

Seiko is very much in vogue and became the ultimate trendy watch by successfully passing some of the most rigorous performance tests and met the highest inspection standards. These tests are supposed to be far more stringent as compared to the performance tests conducted by COSC that is the ‘Swiss Chronometer Certification Body’. These tests take 17 full days and the watch is subjected to several performance tests at more temperatures, more positions, and for far more days as compared to the usual COSC-certified chronometer. Seiko Singapore watches are known for their superior quality, accuracy in measuring time, and aesthetic beauty too,

Each & Every Part Has Been Made & Even Assembled under the Same Roof

Seiko is a vertically-integrated Japanese manufacturer of watches or timepieces. Every single component of every single watch from Seiko is created in-house. As per an expert in horology, the high-end brand of Seiko would be created in Japan entirely by some of the most qualified and skilled watchmakers online. A Seiko Watch is not a new concept & has been there for quite a long time. These watches are known for their rich legacy, as they had been introduced by Seiko Watches in 1960. Seiko watches have been around since 1895.

It Is Consistently Outshining Itself

Ever since the introduction of the original Grand Seiko mechanical movement, which took place in 1960, this brilliant Japanese watchmaker has been constantly experimenting with improvements and upgrades! In 2004, we know that Seiko came up with the Grand Seiko Spring Drive, which is a timepiece that seamlessly combined the accuracy of a quartz watch with the positive attributes or virtues of a mechanical watch. In 2014, Seiko launched its most innovative timepiece was introduced and was called the ‘Grand Seiko Hi-Beat’.

Conclusion: It is Available everywhere across the Globe Including Singapore

Before 2010, you would need to travel to Japan or some other Asian markets to avail of a Seiko watch. It had restricted most of the supply to predominantly the domestic market. Thanks to the rarity of these watches, it achieved the cult status. They are now available in over 20 countries. You no longer need to travel to own a Seiko masterpiece.


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