Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Lettering Tattoo in San Antonio


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Lettering tattoos have been popular for a long time since it is the perfect tattoo for motivation and inspiration. There is a lot of meaning behind words, and sometimes it speaks more to the heart than images ever could express. You could get lettering forearm name tattoos in San Antonio, TX, or you could also get meaningful bible verses and quotes that you live by.

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Lettering Tattoo in San Antonio

You would be able to create and keep something special and meaningful to you etched on you. With that being said, this is everything you need to know before getting a lettering tattoo in San Antonio.

What is a Lettering Tattoo?

A lettering tattoo is a tattoo design that uses letters and numbers. Words could sometimes be much more powerful than images, which is why lettering tattoos have been very popular since they are simple, inspiring, and meaningful.

Here are since ideas and concepts that you could take into consideration when you are looking for inspiration for your lettering tattoo:

  • Patriotic lettering tattoos
  • Motivational and inspiration quotes
  • Bible verses
  • Memorial quote
  • Family quotes
  • Family sayings
  • Signatures of people you love

How Big Should a Tattoo Be With Letters?

When you are looking to get a tattoo with letters, the size of the lettering should be at least ½“ tall or more because if the tattoo is much smaller than that, there is a chance that it would not last or the quality would not hold up and it would not be legible over time. This is the reason why tattoo artists do not recommend getting a very small tattoo, especially when it involves letters.

Tips you should consider when getting a lettering tattoo in San Antonio

1. Do your research about the tattoo artist and look at their portfolio

Before you even consider getting a tattoo, you have to look for a tattoo artist that has the skill and quality. You really have to look at tattoo artists that really specialize in strong lettering tattoos and make sure that they could do fine line tattoos because there are certain tattoo artists that are better at certain kinds of tattoos.

There may be times when a tattoo artist would catch your attention because of the amazing portfolio that they have but you do not want to get any of it.

You have to remember that not all artists specialize in and enjoy certain types of tattoo styles, like lettering tattoos. So in making sure that you find the right artist with the right style, the better the outcome of your tattoo would be.

2. Know what quote you may want and down forget to check the spelling

There are a lot of ways that you could submit the kind of tattoo you want to an artist, maybe from social media, using a website, a phone, or even in-person. There are some people who want to get a quote but they have no idea what they want specifically. This makes it harder to schedule an appointment with the tattoo artist that you want in the span of time you want to get it on if you have no idea what you want in the first place.

Knowing what you want and how you want to get it would help in making sure that there are not a lot of last-minute tattoo design changes which could end up costing you more money and more time.

When you submit your quote and your design, you also have to make sure that you proofread it before even requesting an appointment because there are a lot of people who accidentally submit a quote that is spelled wrong.

This is because your tattoo artist would put the exact information into your system, with the exact lettering and the exact spelling once they receive your tattoo request. And it is your responsibility to make sure it is accurate, it is spelled correctly, and has the correct grammar before you even put in the appointment.

You would be able to proof your lettings before it would permanently get tattooed on your skin, but making sure that it’s accurate since the beginning is highly ensured and highly recommended.

3. Choosing the font for your lettering

One of the most fun and one of the most important processes of getting a lettering tattoo is picking the perfect font you want your quote or word to be in, but it could be very stressful and challenging because there are a lot of fonts available.

Before you book an appointment, look into the fonts you want to get your tattoo in. Your tattoo artist may be able to give you some tips and guidance if you are having a hard time, basing it on the tattoo that you are getting and the meaning behind it, but doing your research prior to it would help make sure that you would love your tattoo forever.

When you are picking a font, intricate fonts, fonts with very thick and very thin lines, and fonts that are either too close together are not really recommended for tattoos because tattoos would naturally expand as you grow old. Because of this, it might distort the quality and the legibility of your tattoo and it would not be as good as it was when you got it.

There are also certain parts of your body that are not suggested for this kind of tattoo, like the side of your fingers, any creases on your body like the wrist and elbow, and the side of your foot. This is because it could affect how your tattoo would look since you would keep on bending that part of your body. Sometimes your tattoo artist would also discourage you to put certain tattoos on your hand, face, and neck, spending on what the coverage of the tattoo looks like.

4. Styling your tattoo

There are also a lot of styles and techniques that certain tattoo artists could do. There are some things that your tattoo artist might do like shading, recreating signatures, customizing your tattoo, reverse lettering, outlining, and other techniques.

You need to have the references ready if you have any ideas on what kind of style you want your tattoo to have or you could also bring them when you are coming into the parlor for your consultation.

You could get a consultation with your tattoo artist if you really want to get your tattoo styled and customized because what you want may depend on the kind of tattoo you want and/or the tattoo artist that you selected to work with.

Why Do People Get Tattoos on Their Arms?

There are a lot of reasons why people get tattoos on their arms, and if you ask each of them, their reasons may vary. There are people who want to get tattoos because they want attention and, to be fair, they are great conversation starters.

Other people want to get tattoos as a form of self-expression and artistic freedom. You could really tell a lot about that person by the tattoos that they have on their body, and that is because it could also be a great reminder of their spiritual and cultural traditions.

There are some people who get tattoos because it is a sign of rebellion and it is an effective way for them to visually show their personal narratives. It could also be used as an identification that you are a part of a certain group.

While other people get tattoos because they were super drunk one night and their drunken impulsiveness kind of just calls them to the tattoo parlors nearby, which is why there are a lot of tattoo parlors that are still open even if it was very late.


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