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Statistics tell us that more than 2 million videos are uploaded on YouTube every day. In addition, more than 500 hours of videos are streamed every minute. Therefore, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for social media platforms. Furthermore, it has a viewership of over one billion every day, and it is safe to assume that buying YouTube views will help your channel.

YouTube is not only a great entertaining platform but an influential medium for businesses and artists. YouTube views account for a higher rank in search results and allow you to monetize your content. But with so many sites, how do you find the best one?

Best Websites to Buy YouTube Views

With unlimited content on YouTube, the number of views becomes the deciding factor in gaining attention. In addition, YouTube also gives priority to content with more viewership. So let us know everything about buying YouTube views and find the best site.

Are Buying YouTube views Legal?

Most of us think buying YouTube views is illegal. Buying YouTube views is legal as it is a competitive platform, and you can promote your content. However, using automated tools and bots is not allowed. In addition, you can specify the rapidity at which you want the YouTube views. Finally, you can buy youtube comments, channel views, and subscriptions.

How does the site help in views?

Sites use two ways; the first is by using bots. Bots are automated tools used to generate views without human involvement. The second way is legitimate with the help of open legal agencies. In this case, views are generated by real organic users.

What are the risks of buying YouTube views?

If you buy YouTube views from bogus sources that use bots and produce fake views, you can be banned by YouTube. However, it is safe to buy YouTube views from a genuine source using real accounts; YouTube policy emphasizes that buying views is legal as long as the technique and source are authentic. You can choose the top places to buy YouTube views for getting a safer service.

Points to keep in mind while buying YouTube views

It is recommended to publicize your channel and making an authentic fan base. However, following these rules if you want to buy YouTube likes to boost your brand or content.

  • Do not opt for instant views; an abrupt jump in views will interrupt the YouTube algorithm. In addition, it will mark your channel suspicious and can also be banned.
  • The use of real people is essential to generate views. Bots will disturb the duration matrix. A three-minute video will generate 5 seconds of views. Choosing the right agency is critical for YouTube views.
  • Do your base work and inquire about the site. Many fake sites are offering cheap YouTube services. A lot of fake sites are in business; find out about the site before jumping into it.

#5 is one of the reliable and authentic sites to buy YouTube views. The platform was designed purely for Instagram; however, it also offers services for YouTube and other social media platforms.

The platform offers a risk-free model on reliable growth for YouTube views. It builds views with the help of genuine compensation by smcrazy. In addition, the website assures no bots or automated tools used to generate YouTube views.

The site’s different packages offering is suitable for all customer requirements. In addition, the platform provides continuous customer support.

Pros of

  • The site is best known forprompt delivery
  • Provides valuable and excellent customer support
  • Various packages for all kinds of needs
  • Competitive price as compared to similar sites

#4 is another great website that provides genuine YouTube views. The platform is remarkable for providing consistent views on YouTube and establishing many newcomers.
Smdude assures excellent quality and dependability. The platform has a good customer support system with a safe return policy. In addition, the platform has trades metrics to provide sustenance to your YouTube account.

Not only YouTube, but the website also ropes in Instagram and other social media platforms. It endorses new talents and brands for enhanced views and a follower base. The platform provides several packages made for all kinds of customers. In addition, the site provides additional views on each order with reliable, safe, and on-time delivery.

Pros of

  • The site gives organic, high-quality views
  • The site promises timely delivery
  • Great team to provide effective customer support
  • Competitive packages with various packages
  • Highly acclaimed for instant results

# 3

If you are looking for genuine YouTube views service provider, is one of the best choices. It is an excellent site for fulfillment and hassle-free service. Moreover, the platform guarantees success with fame and glory.

The website gets you views from authentic users from their extensive network of clients. The views are fast delivered within a few hours of placing your order. In addition, the website provides free compensation if its services are not delivered as desired. is an excellent site for 24X7 support to sales service at a competitive price. The site has customized plans of eight packages to take care of all clients. The package varies from 1000 views at $ 3 to 1,000,000 views at $ 1399. So if you are looking for a high-end package, it is the cheapest offer available that is safe and secure.

Pros of

  • The site provides cheap high-end packages.
  • Fast and assured delivery
  • 100% safe and no password required
  • Gives genuine views with organic leads

#2 offers you great YouTube service at a cheap rate. You can grow your YouTube profile for your business or showcase your talent with assured service. The platform addresses your requirement by giving authentic views.

The site provides service with flexibility and trustworthiness to boost your YouTube Channel. The brilliant team of experts addresses your needs with excellent service on a limited budget. In addition, you can also opt for a free three-day trial.

Smrole provides genuine views in eight tailor-made packages. You can choose one of the eight packages as per your needs. The lowest package costs as low as $ 3 for 1000 views and goes up to $2799 for 1,000,000 views.

The site appreciates YouTube content creators and artists. The reason why they have a positive approach towards great YouTube content. The website is committed to providing its customer’s constant support and service.

Pros of

  • The platform provides genuine organic views.
  • Competitive prices with a three-day free trial.
  • Quick delivery and 24X7 customer support
  • Quality profiles with 100% satisfaction.

#1 Best site – site is the best website to buy YouTube views. The platform is capable of delivering good and genuine YouTube services. Moreover, if you are Targeting overnight stardom being an artist, you can attain it with this site.

If you are a business owner or a creator, we recommend increasing your views gradually. The platform provides great service to enhance visibility, improve audience reach and increase your area of influence. offers tailor-made packages to address your requirement. They have eight packages starting from 1000 views at $ 3 and 1,000,000 views at $ 2799.

Some packages may also get you a discount if you have the art to bargain, but only for high-end packages. The website assures confidentiality with a 100% safe platform for the transaction. In addition, it offers 24X7 customer support with a committed team to address your needs.

Pros of

  • The best site for customer satisfaction in all possible way
  • The best site for excellent services and customer support.
  • Offers various packages with high-quality views
  • The best site designed to grow your YouTube channel
  • The best site for fast and assured delivery
  • Best prices are offered as compared to other YouTube services.


All these sites have been selected by analyzing customers reviews and services offered. There are various parameters like rates, authentic service, customer support, and other aspects to picking the right site.

In a nutshell, has proved a winner in all segments. It offers the best YouTube view services at a competitive rate. If you want a second thought, you can contact the website and discuss your requirement. However, the other mentioned services are also good if you want a second option.


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