8 Solutions on How to Level a Pool in San Antonio, TX


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Summer is around the corner and the whole family would want to spend most of their time in the swimming pool in the backyard to help cool off and fight the heat. But the only thing that may be stopping them from doing that is having an uneven pool. Aside from being a safety hazard, it could increase the possibility of your pool breaking and it could be annoying to look at. That is why getting pool leveling in San Antonio, TX to make sure the whole family is safe and to continue to have fun. These are 8 solutions on how to level a pool in San Antonio, TX. Concrete modern pool pavers make an ideal pool deck material because they easily combine the affordability of concrete with the elegance of natural stone.

8 Solutions on How to Level a Pool in San Antonio, TX

What is the easiest way to level a pool in San Antonio?

1. Concrete slab

The easiest material that you could use if you want to level the ground of your swimming pool is concrete since you would easily be able to smooth it out and level the surface. When you use a concrete slab, there is going to be a rough texture to it, which would help you make sure that the pool would stay stable and stationary even though there are a lot of people in the pool.

Using concrete could lead to pool leaks though, because when the pool gets damaged and there is an abrasion because of the rough surface of the concrete. To help make sure this does not happen, you have to make sure that there is another layer placed in between the concrete and the swimming pool itself.

2. Crushed stone

If you do not have sand, then using crushed stones could be a great alternative in leveling your pool because it’s an easy material to work with and it would reduce the chances of having other insects or critters digging themselves under your pool.

When you are using crushed stones, people usually use limestones, and they make sure that the stones are crushed very well because I could tear your swimming pool when it is not.

3. Pavers

You could also use pavers to even out your swimming pool. You could either lay the bottom rails of the pool on the ground, see where the connectors would end up, mark the spot, remove the rails and then place the blocks on the marked spots.

Or you could basically do the same thing but you would not have to remove the rails because you could already just insert the leveling blocks below the connectors of your pool, but this is a much more difficult process to get through.

4. Sand

When you use sand to level out your pool, you would not really have to start digging, and this would have to be one of the cheapest ways that you could do so that you could level your pool. It’s so much easier compared to leveling the ground itself.

All you are going to have to do is put in the sand on the spot that you are installing, make sure that you are spreading it evenly, and then compact it when you want to use sand as the leveling material.

But when you have a concrete pool, then maybe sand may not be the best option to use because sand moves around easily when it is on a concrete surface, so this would only make your swimming pool unstable.

5. Solid foam

Solid foam is a material that you could use to level out your pool because it stands as a good protective layer that is found between the surface of concrete and the pool itself. You could use this without having to dig. You could also place the solid foam on top of the grass.

The foam that you could get may vary in thickness and it is usually made out of polyurethane or polystyrene. You would easily be able to cut the foam into whatever shape you need it to be, but this material is not cheap.

6. Rolling tamper

Using a rolling tamper on your pool could be a great way to level your pool without having to dig the ground, but when you use this, there is going to be minimal digging. But you are going to still have to dig. Only a little though.

You are going to have to dig to make sure there is no grass or sod in the spot of your swimming pool because you could even install the Intex or Coleman about your ground pool.

7. Leveling an above-ground pool

  • Drain your pool and make sure that it is almost empty because leveling your pool while it is filled could be very difficult.
  • Look for the lower section.
  • Pull off the leveling blocks.
  • Look for the bottom connectors and then pry off the walls so you could put it at the proper level that you need it to be.
  • Reinstall back the leveling blocks.
  • Do the process all over again for your pool’s lower sections.
  • Pack up all of the dirt underneath.
  • Refill your pool with water.

8. Ask your friends for more suggestions

Different situations and different locations require different solutions so when you want to level out your swimming pool, you could ask your friend and family who live in the same location as you about suggestions that could be wise, especially if they have an above ground pool themselves.

What is Pool leveling and How Does It Work?

Pool leveling is exactly how it sounds really when you level your pool. There are a lot of reasons why you may need to have your pool leveled. A big reason why people want to get their pool leveled is that the water level is uneven which could be an incredible safety hazard since there would be a shallow and a deep end. This would be extremely dangerous, especially if you have children living with you because they would not be able to touch the bottom of the pool.

The structure of your pool may also be weak and compromised because having an uneven pool would just add pressure to the sections of your pool liner and your pool wall since the weight is really not being distributed evenly on all sides. This may or may not cause your walls to twist, break, and buckle. Since your walls are damaged, it could give out and your whole pool would be destroyed, putting everyone in the pool and everyone near the pool at risk of injury.

Your pool would also look like there is something wrong with it because it is very noticeable. You would see with your naked eye how one side of the pool may appear lower compared to the other side of the pool and everyone would be able to see it.


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