Where to Spray Your Fragrance to Smell Your Best


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The following are the different areas of the body that are best to spray your perfume to smell your best. The more perfume you have on your skin in these places,the longer you will smell great.

Where to Spray Your Fragrance to Smell Your Best


Your ears are your pulse points area. Pulse points are locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. These areas emit heat, which can help fragrance to emit from your skin into the air. Applying your favorite perfume in this area will enhance the fragrance.


Our hair is our crowning glory. Aside from that, it can make you feel at your best too with you signature perfume. Try to spritz perfume on your hair because your hair hold fragrance well. Hair can carry scent for a really long time. When applying do not spray directly on your hair. You can mist it on your brush when applying your fragrance to avoid having dry hair.


Your wrists are another pulse points where you can apply your perfume. These areas emit your scent throughout the day. Just remember not to rub your wrists together or else you will not achieve the full scent that you want. Instead of rubbing your wrists together just do dabbing.

Behind your knees

The soft area behind your knees is another perfect part to apply your perfume. Especially when your wearing a dress it will emit the scent as you cross your legs or just by walking around. This is the best part also during summer as it is always exposed.

Belly Button

Dab a few drops of perfume to your belly button and you are good to go. It is where heat is radiated that is why it enhance your scent.It will make you smell good all over. Especially during summer days belly button is the area you want to apply your perfume.


Aside from the fact that applying your perfume on your neck is not only the long time beauty tradition but it is also where heat is emitted that activates and maximizes your perfume because your neck is another pulse point area. When applying to this area your perfume will react with your body heat and continue to emit scent.

On you clothes

It is important to apply first you perfume to your body before putting on your clothes. Perfume smells the best and lasts the longest when it is able to blend with the natural oils on your body. But, applying it on your clothes can make your scent long lasting too!So try to have a finishing perfume application with a final spray to the shirt.

Wearing perfume makes someone feel better and more confident. But it is also an important thing to make it last long. Where you put perfume matters if you want long lasting smell. Applying your perfume in these areas is important for these areas react well to have desirable aromas.Follow the tips above and choose your own scent at Fragrance 365 to smell at your best.


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