The Best Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Prices


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Australia has a number of places where you may find Sir Walter Buffalo turf at reasonable turf prices, but not all of them are created equal.

You could be tempted to choose less expensive options, but you’ll be astonished by how reasonably priced Sydney Lawn And Turf Australia’s premium Sir Walter buffalo turf is.

The Best Sir Walter Buffalo Turf Prices

What is Sir Walter’s cost?

Only $14.50 per square meter is what Sir Walter Buffalo costs (DNA certified).

Although it’s not the cheapest grass the company produces, you’ll still get a fantastic turf that will be a wise investment and provide you with years of enjoyment.

It takes about a year for Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) to reach harvest-ready condition, which is one of the reasons it costs a little extra.

They’ll be taking care of your Sir Walter Buffalo turf during that period, feeding it, and ensuring sure it’s strong, healthy, and weed- and disease-free.

Kikuyu, a less expensive grass, may be harvested in as short as six months, which lowers manufacturing costs.

What Concerns Delivery Charges?

Deliveries will be made by the service provider to the following Sydney locations:

  • Windsor
  • Ryde and Parramatta
  • East Coast suburbs
  • Highlands in the south
  • Shire of Sutherland
  • Blacktown
  • The Hills County
  • Penrith
  • Campbelltown
  • Coastal North
  • Beaches in the north
  • Illawarra
  • Blue and Nepean Mountains

Delivery costs simply $99, and the vendor may frequently have your grass delivered the following business day (provided you place your order before 10.00 am).

What makes Sir Walter Buffalo the best option for managing my Sydney property?

In only one night, you may add up to $84,000 to the value of your Sydney house.

A lush green grass may instantly boost the value of your property by 20%, according to real estate firm surveys.

To get a sense of the hip mood, simply take a stroll around some of Sydney’s greenest communities, such as Peakhurst Heights, Pymble, or Balmain.

You’ll be inspired by the vast Queens Park or the Western Sydney Parklands. It won’t take you long to realize how the lush green grass offers a level of comfort and relaxation that is amazing and inspirational.

Not only is having lush green grass pleasing to the eye, but it is also good for the ecosystem.

That’s right, having lush grass may help to lower the ambient temperature around your home, so reducing your summer cooling bills.

However, it’s crucial to choose the right grass for your requirements. The best grass for most Sydney locations, from the Northern Beaches to the Blue Mountains, is Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified).

Australia’s most well-known field is Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) for a reason.

Australia’s top grass option is Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified), which serves a multitude of purposes.

Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA validated) exhibits excellent performance in a range of circumstances, including:

  • Sunlight and dry conditions
  • High activity and foot traffic
  • It was chilly and overcast outside.

Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) sustains its stunningly vivid green colour throughout the winter and produces dense growth that deters weeds.

Since Sir Walter Buffalo only needs around 3 hours of great sunshine each day, it not only flourishes in the sun but also in the shade.


Spend your money on the best Sir Walter Buffalo (DNA certified) and enjoy having lovely grass in your life.

It’s all about making life enjoyable; don’t forget about the AUSGAP 10-year warranty


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