How Often Does Your Vancouver House Need to be Repainted


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One of the most basic things you need to do to make your home look beautiful is to ensure its paint is right. If the paint looks ugly or is peeling at places, it is likely that people will have a bad perception about you and you won’t even realize that anyone entering your home is leaving with a bad impression.

Most people fail to repaint their home because they don’t know that it’s time to repaint a house. To solve this problem, we have come up with simple answers to how often does your house in Vancouver BC need to be repainted. Read on for more.

Surface Matters

The first thing you need to know when considering repainting your home with the help of Vancouver painters like is that the surface that needs to be painted matters a lot when it comes to exterior painting. The paint on an aluminum siding can easily last for 5 years while the paint of wood siding will only last 3-4 years. Similarly, the paint on bricks can last about 15-20 years while paint in new types of materials like cement fiberboard will last 10-15 years.

Location Matters

The front door of your home needs to be painted often as compared to the door of the pantry simply because the former has to deal with loads of external elements like dirt, dust, pollution, etc. While choosing the front door color, do consider shades of black, here’s why.

How Often Does Your Vancouver House Need to be Repainted

Similarly, the walls of the bathroom need to be painted more often than the walls of a formal dining room where you barely have any meals. The walls of the kids’ bedroom must be painted every 2-3 years while the walls of the adults’ bedroom don’t need to be repainted for about 5 years on average.

The Durability of Paint Also Counts

When you want to know how often to repaint your home, you should remember that the durability of the last paint job you got done or did yourself also matters. If you opted for high quality and durable paint in most commonly used rooms like the living room and dining room, the paint job would probably last up to 5-7 years.

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Activities Must Be Remembered

The type of work a room is used for also matters when it comes to repainting a house. If the room is used for sleeping only, the paint of the room can last for up to a decade. In contrast, if the room is a bathroom or kitchen where splatters of moisture or messy fingers on the walls are common occurrence, it needs to be repainted about every 3-4 years. Also remember that the corridors and hallways of a home need to be repainted every 2-3 years because people walk through them more often as compared to any part of the home. So, problems like scuff marks and dents are easily visible in these areas.

Final Words

Most people think of repainting a room when they have a purpose. Some people opt for it when they want the room to look better without spending a lot of money (here’s how to decorate your bedroom affordably). Likewise, some people think of painting when they want the room to look spacious or bright. No matter what your reasons are, if you remember the points mentioned above, you will ensure that the repainting project is worth your time, energy and money. Try it and see for yourself!


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