24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repair and Pipe Replacements in San Jose California


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Have you ever experienced a plumbing emergency? Probably every homeowner has faced a minor or major plumbing incident at some point.

Nevertheless, homeowners aren’t always certain of the exact gravity of a plumbing issue. Hence, they cannot always determine whether a particular issue is considered an emergency.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repair and Pipe Replacements in San Jose California

In general, if you cannot stop the water from flowing, experience a sewage backup, or smell gas, then calling an Plumbing in San Jose is a must task.

These are the most common plumbing emergencies that require immediate assistance.

Burst pipe

One of the most serious plumbing emergencies that might occur in the homes of San Jose residents is a burst pipe. Such an incident happens when the water pressure inside the pipe builds up and causes it to burst eventually. Homeowners might hear a popping sound when a pipe bursts, but most of them fail to do so. Check out the reasons why freezing pipes burst.

Water pipe cracks have the potential to occur irrespective of whether they are made of copper, steel, or plastic. Broken tubes are capable of releasing up to two hundred gallons of water in a single day, which leads to severe property damage. Upon discovering a burst pipe, homeowners are suggested not to panic but immediately shut off the main supply of water and contact an emergency plumber. If possible, you should switch off the electricity as well.

For instance, in scenarios when a burst pipe floods the basement, homeowners in San Jose should steer clear of the floodwater to prevent electrocution. Even if the accumulated water amount isn’t very serious, you’re still advised to turn the power off while waiting for an emergency plumber to arrive at your door.

Frozen pipes are a common issue for homeowners during the winter period. If not even a single faucet is functional, there’s a high chance for the outdoor tubes to have frozen. There are many emergency plumbers in San Jose CA, who are one call away. Unless frozen tubes are handled correctly and professionally, they might burst or leak.

When the water inside a pipe freezes, the tube expands and results in cracks. Hence, once the thawing process commences, the risk of flooding becomes higher. Anyhow, this process should be started as soon as possible and be performed correctly. Contrary to the opinion of most homeowners, intense heat shouldn’t be applied to frozen tubes, as it causes further damage. The thawing process should be performed safely and slowly.

Broken water main

Another plumbing emergency that requires professional assistance is a broken water main. It refers to the line that links your residential plumbing system to the public water supply. Homeowners carry the responsibility for any repairs to the main line starting from the curb to their properties. Broken mains are more than capable of causing substantial damage to properties if not repaired in a timely manner.

Homeowners should be aware of the most common signs of broken lines in order to react on time. These signs include high bills, soggy yard areas, poor water quality, pressure, etc. The more these lines age, they become more susceptible to ground movement, mineral buildup, thawing effects, and freezing.

Given water mains are located underground; leak detection might take longer than usual. Nevertheless, by hiring an emergency plumber, the leak will be detected much sooner owing to their high-tech tools.


Another plumbing emergency for homeowners in San Jose to be aware of is clogs. When sink drains are severely clogged, water flow can be eventually prevented and might lead to a serious plumbing emergency. Clogged sinks are usually unclogged with a drain snake or a plunger. Nevertheless, if a plunger won’t help in getting rid of a clog, there’s probably a more serious problem with the drain system.

Furthermore, severe clogs might result in a leak or sewage backup. Therefore, emergency plumbers are the right professionals to contact when looking to locate the clog and clear it up immediately. Recurrent clogs should never be ignored.

A final note

The above-mentioned scenarios must be taken seriously by homeowners.

Calling an emergency plumber in any of these situations is not an option but a necessity!


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