How to Recover Data From Corrupted Internal Hard Disk Drive (Solved)


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Internal hard disk corrupted and restrict to access information. Is it possible to recover data from corrupted hard drive. Let’s find best solution for how to recover data from corrupted internal hard disk drive easily.

Best Way to Recover Data from Corrupted Internal Hard Disk Drive

“My 500 GB internal hard drive was corrupted. And it have some of my important data, I need to recover my files. what am I do to recover them? Please suggest me an appropriate solution to recover data from corrupted internal hard disk. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

As one of our readers posted this scenario last week, it made us realize that lots of users also face a similar circumstances. Getting a corrupted internal hard drive is a common problem, faced by a lot of people. Fortunately, it can be solved by using the right kind of techniques and applications. Also, is it possible to recover data from corrupted internal hard disk.

How to Recover Data From Corrupted Internal Hard Disk Drive (Solved)

Signs of Corrupted Internal Hard Drive

Hard drive is the backbone of your computer is corrupted, that stores entire important data of the system. You can consider using hard drive with launchbox with lots of games and latest emulators. If your internal hard drive is corrupted, it can be damaged and become unrecognised or inaccessible in Windows 10, 8, 7. Here, are some common symptoms of corrupted internal hard drive are as following:

1. The storage memory of internal hard drive is shown as 0 bytes.

2. System shows the drive name, but while opening it shows: “You need to format the disk drive before you can use it.”

3. A message is prompt such as – “Sector not found.”

4. File names appear with inappropriate and weird characters.

5. File system appeared as RAW.

6. Your drive reading invalid media type.

7. “disk not formatted. Do you want to format now?”- warning given by Windows continuously asking to format the drive.

Free Solution to Recover Data From A Corrupted Internal Hard Drive

This is the manual solution that may will help you to fix corrupted internal hard disk drive. This method is applicable if, your hard drive is corrupted due to virus attack. In this case, you can use an effective anti-virus utility. But, there is number of fake anti-virus applications in the market. So, you should have to take backup first, as a prime security. Moreover, it is only way to recover data from a corrupted internal hard drive manually.

Instant Technique to Retrieve Data from Corrupted Hard Disk (100% Secure)

The manual solution is not an appropriate way to recover data from corrupted internal hard drive. So, we come up with an effective method to do same. This is a third-pert application such as SysTools Hard Disk Recovery Wizard. Using this utility a user can recover corrupt, lost and permanently deleted data from internal or external hard drive. This recovery software is programmed with an advanced features and functionalities. That it facilitates a user-friendly interface so, a non-technical user can also perform the recovery task without taking an external help. The recovery software support RAW hard drive data professionally. It consists an amazing features those are in a user’s favour.

Comprehensive Steps to Recover Data From Corrupted Hard Drive

1. First of all, go to “Start” then “All Programs” and then “Hard Drive Data Recovery”

2. Here, are two types of scanning options i.e., scan and formatted scan. Additionally, choose partition and select “Scan” button.

3. You can preview entire scanning procedure report after that view all folders in left pane. Once the scanning process is complete.

4. Now, select folder from left pane and view complete data in right pane of software. It also furnishes “Item Count” option. You can review complete data from individual folder. The extracted files are marked as red.

5. Then, click on “Save” button to begin saving specified files. And opt the location from the “Browse for Folder” window that appears and then, hit on “OK” to start Export process.

6. Lastly, completion of the procedure you will get a Dialog box saying “Export process completed successfully”. Click on “OK” and proceed forward.


Possible Reasons For Internal or External Hard Drive Corruption

There are several reasons behind the corruption of internal and external hard drive. Some of them are outlined below:

Cause 1: Virus & Malware Attack

If a system is attacked by a virus, the important boot files stored in the internal hard disk may be deleted, leading to boot failure. Meanwhile, the crucial data and the complete partition may also be deleted by the virus or malware attack.

Cause 2: Due to Physical Damage

It is also called hardware failure, and consists the following types:

 Overheating of hard drive
 Read/write head crash
 Cracked or poor-contact data line.
 Scratch on magnetic platters.
 Short circuit in the control circuit board and much more.

The data lost due to these kinds of reasons can hardly be repaired. A user have no choice but to turn to expert for data recovery from hardware damaged hard drive.

Cause 3: Corruption of Boot Sector

The boot sector is the first sector of the hard drive. This is utilized to load processor control and then move it to the Operating System. When, the boot sector is damaged, you will not be able to enter the system and access any data stored in the internal hard drive.

Cause 4: Damaged file system

The file system is utilized by the Operating System to define the approach for organizing files on the storage device. To be particular, it is like a gateway to access data stored on hard drive partitions. If the file system on the internal hard drive is unluckily damaged somehow, the drive may become inaccessible and the system may fail to start.

Cause 5: Software Clash

All kinds of applications you installed on your local machine currently may not able to be fully supportive with each other, so software clash occurs now and then to lead to sudden computer shutdown and cause internal hard drive corruption.


The most important thing, we emphasize in this article is that a corrupted internal hard drive is not the end of the earth. It can be resolved without any hindrance. There is no direct manual solution is provided to do same. So, it is highly recommended to a user that go with a third party data recovery tool. Using this tool a user can easily recover data from corrupted internal hard drive. The tool is compatible with all advanced version of Windows Operating System. Moreover, it is able to recover data in an effective manner without losing a bit of data. Thus, it is totally depends on a user which one they wants to choose. A user can opt any way to recover data from corrupted hard disk.


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