4 Things You Need to Know About Signet Rings


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Signet rings are rings with designs or letters inscribed on them. People of all genders and backgrounds wear these rings to exhibit their relationship with someone or an emotional connection with a particular thing. While buying signet rings, people have plenty of options available in designs, metals, stones, etc.

4 Things You Need to Know About Signet Rings

Men’s silver signet rings have acquired wider popularity, and many people also prefer rings made from metals like gold and platinum. Because of gender, one can go for their favourite design and precious stones to keep them as a symbol of their unique relationships.

Please go through the article to know more about the signet rings, their peculiarities, and the different types of stones and metals used to make signet rings.

Peculiarities of Signet Rings

Signet rings are highly fashionable now and then. They are available in various designs, metals, and prices suitable for people from all classes. The standard stones used in signet rings are ruby, bloodstone, and so on. They are mostly made from precious metals like gold, platinum, etc. People wear signet rings to exhibit their style. People from all walks of life use signet rings for different purposes. For example, they are often used to showcase one’s family identity, club membership, elitism, style, etc.

Some people wear them daily whereas others choose to wear them only for special events. These rings are often worn as engagement rings or given as presents for someone’s 21st birthday. Members of a club also wear these rings to indicate membership. Military men also wear these rings sometimes to reflect their status or rank.

Signet rings are becoming more popular nowadays. Popular culture and social media have a significant role in boosting up the image of signet rings. Friends or couples chose to exhibit their bond by getting signet rings.

Signet Ring: Shapes

Signet rings come in different shapes from which one can choose the perfect one for them. Oxford oval is perhaps one of the most preferred signet ring shapes. This traditional shape is more popular than the round shape, which is considered more contemporary. Marquise shaped signet rings look more elegant than rings of other shapes. Cushion shaped rings are soft and square-shaped.

Signet Ring: Stones

There are plenty of stones available in the market to select the best one that fits their signet ring. The array of stones include the golden brown Tigers Eye, a gemstone with a silky appearance; commonly black Onyx; Sardonyx, which has different coloured layers; Lapis Lazuli, a semi-precious stone in stunning deep blue; the reddy or brown Cornelian; the green Bloodstone and many more.

Signet Ring: Metals

An important thing one should ponder upon is the selection of precious metals. The list of precious metals won’t exhaust with just gold, silver or platinum because there are plenty of options among these metals themselves. Within the traditional choice of gold, one can always go for its variants like yellow, white or rose gold.

Also, rather than pure gold, which is very soft thus unsuitable for making rings, it is better to go for alloys. Men’s silver signet rings became much more popular among the crowd, whereas gold and platinum haven’t lost their glow because of the people who loved these metals. It is always up to the user to choose in which precious metal they want their signet rings.


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