Six Reasons Why You Should Buy a Lease Return


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You may have heard the slogan, “Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don’t.” Sometimes you feel like buying a car, and sometimes you rather lease. If you are weighing your options and leaning towards buying a lease return, here are seven reasons why you should go ahead and do it.

Six Reasons Why You Should Buy a Lease Return

!!1. No Long-Term Commitment

Just like some decide not to buy a house because of the 15- or 30-year mortgage, many also decide that leasing a car for a short while is in their best interest rather than buying. The average lease return is only about three years, with some only being a year. If you decide that the hybrid mini-coupe is just not working for you, having a lease makes everything seem less burdensome as it will only be temporary.

!!2. New Vehicles are Standard

No one ever picks the beaten up, bruised, and battered apple at the grocery store, nor does anyone want the used and abused car with ten previous owners and three accidents. However, many people are seemingly forced to get a used car because of the enormous weight and responsibility of owning a car. When leasing a car, that is something that you never have to worry about as 99% of the time your vehicle will be brand spanking new.

!!3. New Vehicles are Standard Without the New Car Price

Many people opt for pre-owned and used cars instead of new cars because of the high cost of most new cars; however, leasing a vehicle cuts the price of monthly payments and can save you money from possible perks such as free routine maintenance.

!!4. You Pick What You Want

Just like researching a home, you must also research a new vehicle. Knowing the make and model, safety and technology features, and even the color of a vehicle before you head to the lot is of utmost importance. Just like picking out a car to buy, you can pick exactly what you want when you buy lease returns in austin or anywhere else for that matter.

!!5. More Choices

When you lease a vehicle, not only are you getting the new car that you want without the expensive price tag and ever looming contract, but you are also getting a choice about what you want when the lease ends. You may choose to keep the car and pay in cash, or you may choose a lease buyout loan and actually finance the car. You may even choose to drop the car off and walk away. The point is that it is your choice.

!!6. Negotiating Power

Speaking of more choices, lease agreements allow you to have negotiating power with the dealer. Whether you are negotiating the terms of the monthly payments, any fees, and maintenance, the ball is in your court. Everything is negotiable in a lease agreement, unlike financing where the dealer or bank sets the terms. Having negotiating power puts you in the driver’s seat.


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