Car Accidents: Signs You Need Help from a Kanata Ontario Law Firm


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Car accidents leave behind great devastation, including injuries and property damage. Most are involved in a car accident at some point in life. While minor fender benders rarely go to court, serious crashes may. Learning when to hire a lawyer becomes essential for victims of accidents.

Always Seek a Lawyer’s Consultation

Many Kanata Ontario Law Firm offices offer free consultations to new clients. Even if victims feel confident in their ability to settle, it never hurts to seek legal guidance. Getting help from a lawyer offers peace of mind. Lawyers guide injured victims in making sound legal decisions, whether they settle out of court or in court. Injured victims should always take advantage of free consultation offers from lawyers.

Meeting for a free consultation allows lawyers to determine viable cases. Lawyers will not represent cases they feel will not hold up in court. Free consultations offer win-win advantages for injured parties and lawyers.

Signs Injured Victims Need a Lawyer

In some car accident scenarios, lawyers are essential. Lawyers help clients negotiate larger settlements and represent them in lawsuits. Personal injury lawyers also provide representation during mediation processes. The following signs indicate that injured victims need a lawyer.

  • Serious injuries result in complicated settlement and legal processes. The severity of the injuries directly correlates with the settlement amount. Injured parties can place their outcomes in jeopardy without a lawyer.
  • Some victims may be unaware of the severity of their injuries. Doctors may initially expect a rapid recovery but later realize permanent damage occurred. Victims who feel in limbo should consider working with a lawyer to help them get fair compensation.
  • Medical treatments are expensive. When the bills are piling up after an accident, victims can feel overwhelmed. The insurance company needs to cover these costs for victims. Lawyers hold insurance companies accountable so they pay fairly.
  • Missed work often means missed paychecks. Insurance companies typically try to undervalue missed work claims. Do not let them get away with this underhanded approach. Hold them accountable by hiring a personal injury lawyer.
  • Insurance companies will sometimes try to blame victims. Blame tactics help insurance companies get out of paying. With a lawyer on their side, victims will not have to worry about the games insurance adjusters play.
  • Insurance companies will also try to undermine the seriousness of injuries. Insurance adjusters are not working on behalf of victims. They are working to protect the bottom line of their employers. Do not fall for the tricks. Hire a lawyer instead.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment Today

The statute of limitations varies and limits the time victims have to file a lawsuit. The clock starts ticking at the time of the accident. Getting legal help is fundamental for fair car accident claim outcomes. No victim should have to fight the insurance companies alone.
Scheduling a consultation appointment is the first step in the process. Lawyers take on cases and guide accident victims through each step in the process. Do not hesitate to seek legal help from the beginning.


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