Treat Yourself With a Retreat This Weekend


There is a huge difference between a man from the village and a man from the city – greed. A man from the village lives a simple life, has a small family, does a small job, business, or has farmland from where he gets his food.

He lives in a close-knit community and has people to talk and socialize with, and at the end of the day, he gets a good night’s sleep, free from tension and worries. On the other hand, a man from the city is just unhappy every second either because of overworking, overthinking or due to the pollution, he faces every day.

Treat Yourself With a Retreat This Weekend

Every one of us has a dream to go to some exotic place for vacation and calm our mind and body. Some prefer beaches, some prefer mountains and many others just prefer to stay in bed and be served with whatever your needs are.

Also, not to forget the luxury of a medical spa in East Bay. Living in a city, the maximum anyone could get is a service in bed.So why not take the weekend off and go somewhere far away from the toxic environment, possibly on a village retreat.

Living life in our urban world, we have caused so much harm to our body and mind. We pollute our body by breathing in unclean air, eating junk food, drinking mineral water that is devoid of any minerals, and filling our mind with greed and insecurities.

So much that, we human beings retreat to drugs, alcohol, and other forms of temptations to escape our miserable lives. What we fail to understand is that there is no greater bliss than to be in the arms of nature and mother earth to find that peace and harmony.

There are also other ways to have a good week. If you are into fitness, then put your trekking gear to use. If just fancy a good and relaxing time or a digital detox, take one of the wellness retreats and treat yourself with a spa.

There are also yoga retreats, in which you get a taste of the benefits of yoga. The ancient art form helps one unite the mind, body, and soul. Yoga retreats are physically empowering and spiritually empowering. Giving you a combination of physical fitness and mental calmness, yoga has been proven to cleanse your body and make you stress-free.

For those who love wildlife, can go on an adventure retreat. They can be exciting as well as pocket friendly. Although, if you are looking to take a road trip and experience India’s culture and heritage, a village retreat will be a good choice.

What are the benefits of a village retreat you may ask? Well, have you ever just taken a small break to feed the birds on your window sill or just spent a morning working in your garden? How has that made you feel? Or does a walk around the park with some music sound like an exciting plan for you?

Spending time with nature is the best therapy for our roller-coaster lives. Nature is always surrounded by positive energy. If we live around nature, we absorb that positivity through our breathing, which in turn helps in cleansing our body of negativity. Now that is exactly what you will experience on a village retreat.

When our thoughts are cleared, it automatically opens up new horizons and widens our perspectives. This will also allow you to boost your confidence levels by exploring new interests and finding out your hidden talents.

Once the mind is taken care of it is also important to replenish our body with the right kind of nutrients. What better way to do that than eating clean food made out of unprocessed ingredients? Practice organic farming and grow products that are free from pesticides and dangerous fertilizers.

When you eat healthy, clean, and nutrient-rich food, you can replenish your body with the lost proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Organic food also makes you feel light and active. We human beings always look for a way out.

A way to just escape from our reality and go to a place where there is no one to bother us, a place where there is no one other than yourself, a place that will relieve you of all your worries and tensions, a place to just calm yourself, rejuvenate yourself and revive your thoughts. If that is the kind of place you are looking for, then a village retreat will help you find yourself again.


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