“Am I in a Relationship?” 4 Signs to Help You Answer Your Question


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In the age of casual dating, hook-up culture, and virtual communication, it can be hard to define your relationship with someone. Are you guys dating or ‘just talking’? Or are you open or exclusive? People don’t always have the maturity or vocabulary to tackle these conversations head-on. Luckily, actions speak louder than words.

Am I In A Relationship

Here are 4 signs the person you’re seeing might not think they’re in a committed relationship:

1. They don’t prioritize you:

Time with friends should not supersede time with your significant other. If you find that your partner is willing to make more time for friends than they are for you, chances are they don’t think they’re in a relationship.

2. They’re secretive:

If someone you’re seeing acts secretive or forces you to keep your interactions on the ‘down-low’, this is a clear sign that they’re not serious about your relationship. A partner who wants to be in a committed relationship with you will be honest about how they spend their time, including their time with you. They’ll also never make you hide your status or feelings for one another.

3. They’re hard to pin down:

If the person you’re seeing can’t commit to plans and never seems to have enough time to spend with you, we hate to break it to you but, they are not serious about your relationship. We know people are busy, but couples always find ways to spend time together. Even if it’s at the grocery store or in the middle of your lunch break.

4. You don’t go on dates:

Can you think of a time when you have hung out together before dark? How about in public? If you’ve never grabbed dinner, coffee, or drinks together (and your hangouts are limited to each other’s bedrooms), you are probably just sleeping together. It’s possible for this type of relationship to turn into something more, but it takes a whole lot of communication and mutual effort.

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