Can A Doctor Sue A Patient?


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In theory, any individual over 18 can sue another individual over 18. While it is exceedingly rare for a doctor to sue a patient, there are rare circumstances where this happens. This usually is not a wise decision on the part of the doctor, but some physicians have sued former patients who wrote false fake reviews against them. Here’s what you need to know about these cases:

Can A Doctor Sue A Patient

1. They are exceedingly rare

In most cases, it is very much against a doctor’s interests to attempt to sue a patient. This puts them at an immediate disadvantage in court, and it also means that a doctor is risking their reputation in order to file the case. So, when would a doctor sue a patient?

A doctor may sue a patient if the patient has posted false and fake reviews on a large scale. This typically occurs when the patient steered numerous current patients away from the doctor with fake reviews. Despite the rarity of these cases, there have been incidents where a physician sued a former patient for a very large amount of money.

2. In most cases, the suing doctor will not be able to win

In most cases, a doctor who is suing a patient will have little to no chance of winning the case. Judges and juries tend to rule in favor of the patient being sued rather than a suing doctor. However, the circumstances of the case are important. If the doctor has a strong case against the patient, it is possible that they could win, especially if you do not have adequate legal representation.

3. In rare cases, the suing doctor can win the case

It is exceedingly rare for a doctor to be able to launch a successful legal case against a former patient. However, there have been isolated cases where this occurred. In fact, there was one case where a doctor successfully sued a former patient for $12 million. In most cases, a doctor who is suing a patient will not be able to win, especially if you have a skilled lawyer like Gary Rotkop on your side.


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