Can You File a Lawsuit against Dog Bite in Philadelphia?


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Are you a victim of a dog bite in Philadelphia? Have you been injured by a dog attack and are considering a lawsuit for compensation?

Then the answer is yes. You do have the right. For example, if a dog owner in Norristown knew that their pet had a propensity to become violent or aggressive, or if they were unreasonably reckless in their responsibility to control their pet, then you are entitled to civil compensation. And the ones who can help you in this direction are dog bite attorneys in Norristown.

Can You File a Lawsuit against Dog Bite in Philadelphia

According to Pennsylvania’s dog bite laws, the dog owner is liable if they knew that their pet tended to attack strangers. If you want to know more about it, here is the information.

How Can You Sue for A Dog Bite?

Suppose you or a friend or family member has been the victim of a dog bite. In that situation, it is advised that you seek the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia. They can help in the following ways.

1. They will Advocate for You

An animal attack can be a harrowing experience, significantly if you or a loved one has been injured seriously. An expert personal injury lawyer will work hard on your behalf and help you receive compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of wages and future income
  • Mental distress and trauma

2. They Will Work on Your Behalf to Negotiate the Best Possible Settlement With The Dog Owner’s Insurance Company

According to reports, 84.5 percent of Norristown, PA, has health coverage.

Since this is often done without the assistance of an attorney, many dog bite victims are fooled when it comes to the amount they receive in compensation for their injuries.

3. They Will Ensure That the Defendant Is Held Responsible for Their Actions

In most medical cases, a dog bite victim will have to sue in civil court if they want a judgment that is enforceable by law. A good lawyer will ensure that all relevant paperwork is filed and that the insurance company is held responsible for its actions.

4. They Will Handle All the Legal Details Of Your Claim

Since this is done outside of the courtroom, many victims must provide evidence to prove their case. If a pet animal has bitten you, you must seek out legal advice from an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

5. They Will Assess The Extent Of Your Injuries

To receive compensation for your injuries, a lawyer must prove that you have been injured as a result. If the extent of the injuries is not clear, they will need to hire experts in this field to determine a fair amount of financial compensation you should receive.

6. They Can File Your Claim Promptly

The longer you wait to start a claim, the more difficult it becomes for your attorney to prove your case in court. If you are in Norristown and got bitten by a dog, you must contact qualified dog bite attorneys in Norristown as soon as possible to avoid the hassles of filing too late. If you try and do it on your own, you might end up wasting a lot of time and effort.


Suppose you have been the recent victim of an animal attack. In that case, you need to seek legal assistance as soon as possible to avoid missing out on financial compensation for your injuries.


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