Best Succulents for your Garden


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Planting succulents is quickly becoming a thing, thanks to their exotic beauty. Their beauty is a good idea for landscaping. Their ability to add color and life is just exemplary. They are unique and eye-catching. You can use them on bouquets and flower arrangements. Succulents are drought-resistant. They store water in their leaves, roots, and stems. This makes them ideal for your garden and lawn in summer.

Best Succulents for your garden

There are a lot of succulents you can plant in your garden. I have suggested some of the succulents that you can have in your garden for that breathtaking site you have been yearning. Let’s get started.

1. Aloe Vera

A lot of people know aloe Vera for its medicinal properties. However, this succulent can also be used to flair your garden. You can, therefore, plant it for both purposes. For beauty and medicinal purposes. One thing a lot of people do not know about aloe Vera is that they produce bright yellow flowers. The yellow flowers will add a whole burst of life to your garden. Other than the beauty, another plus for Aloe Vera is that it does not require a lot of care.

2. Agave

Agaves come in different sizes. Their wide range of sizes can let you pot the smaller species or have the larger species planted directly to the garden. They have fleshy and fibrous leaves that are rosette in shape and with a pointed tip. The leaves are barbed along the edges. Their coloration is just unique. They come in shades of green and gray. Some species come with hints of white, yellow, blue, and red. These colors give more life to your garden. Agaves can survive in hot temperatures, and also temperatures as low as 18 degrees Celsius.

3. Yuccas

If you are looking for a succulent that can thrive in a wide range of temperatures, then the yuccas would thrive well in your garden. They can survive in basically any climate, even below freezing temperatures. They are evergreen, with stiff linear leaves that are sword-shaped. They produce beautiful whitish flowers. The different varieties come in different sizes, some that are favorable for containers and some directly to the garden.

4. Jade Plant

Jade Plant is also known as CrassulaOvata scientifically. It has waxy green leaves that are smooth and vibrant jade green in color. Some leaves may have a yellow-green coloration and hints of red on the edges. The leaves are thick and shiny. One win for the jade plant is that it can be pruned and shaped to any shape. It is also easy to grow and take care of the Jade plant. They produce beautiful whitish flowers. The flowers often have hints of other colors on their edges.

5. Stonecrop

You sure will love the color that the stonecrop will add to your garden. They come in different varieties, with the most popular types having pink or yellow flowers. Beautiful and delicate flowers often have five petals. The leaves of the stonecrop are usually thick and evergreen. With these, you are sure to keep your garden colorful all year round.

6. Aeonium

The leaves of the aeonium are arranged to form a rosette. There are over 20 species of the aeonium. The most popular species for the garden are black aeonium, kiwi aeonium, and sunburst aeonium. The uniqueness of the aeonium makes it a darling to many. The rosettes are symmetrical, making them fashionable and perfect for flower arrangements and bouquets. The flowers bloom from the middle of the rosette. The leaves come in different shades depending on the species. Some species would have purplish-black leaves. Some will exhibit yellowish, red and white leaves

7. Dasylirion

This is the perfect succulent if you want to have a dynamic succulents’ garden. They are succulents that do not look like succulents. They look like palm trees. This would be an excellent way to add life to your lawn. Most species are short but have a long middle stalk. The middle stalk elongates and later flowers, giving your garden an impressive flair.

8. Euphorbia

There are over 2000 species of euphorbia. Some are entirely green, from the leaves to the stem. Some have a pinkish tint on their leaves. They are ideal because they are low maintenance, have richly colored leaves and flowers. The color combination of the blackbird species is just dramatic. The species has reddish stems, purplish leaves, and yellow flowers. What a fantastic way to add color to your garden!


Succulents are a breathtaking idea for landscaping. You will bid goodbye to watering the plants, thanks to their water retention ability. There are a lot of succulents you can plant in your garden. If you are looking for perfect landscaping ideas, I believe the suggestions above have you sorted out. Plant your succulents, take good care of them, and watch them flourish.


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