Is It Possible to Send Directly in Bulk on Instagram?


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If you have the right tools, yes!

Instagram has some rules for sending bulk direct messages but Instagram users do not know these rules and any appropriate tool for sending direct messages. In the end, they believe that sending direct messages on Instagram is difficult because sending direct messages manually is an intolerable activity. However, if you know the rules of Instagram and have an appropriate tool, you can send many direct messages during the day and benefit from this effective type of advertising.

Is it possible to send directly in bulk on Instagram

In this article, we want to explain to you the exact details of sending bulk direct messages and introduce to you the Instagram Bulk Message Sender. Stay with us.

Uses and Benefits of Sending Instagram Bulk Direct

One of the things that can be done to increase your followers or introduce your business on Instagram is to send a direct message. This will help increase your interaction with users. If you send bulk direct messages, you can advertise your products, inform a specific topic, etc. When you introduce your business ina post or story, it may get lost among a large number of posts and stories, so a small number of your followers will see it. But in sending a direct message, you can make the user curious and increase the probability of viewing your content; Because when you send a message privately (direct message), the user will open the message and read the text even out of curiosity. In addition, in sending a direct message to your followers you can also send direct messages to other people. This feature allows you to advertise your business or increase your followers.

Sending advertisements on Instagram direct is free and you can select your target audiences and send messages to a list of people who you think will be your customers. It will greatly affect your sales.

The Perfect Tool for Sending Bulk Direct Messages on Instagram

Undoubtedly, collecting a large number of Instagram IDs related to a particular business and sending a direct message to each of these IDs is an intolerable task and people are not able to do this for a long time, so to send a direct message on Instagram regularly, you need a tool that will do this process completely automatically. If you search for tools in Google, you may encounter many cases, but we want to introduce one of the best that is tested and guaranteed. This tool is a package that includes several bots that cover all your needs for sending direct messages on Instagram.

In the following, in addition to explaining how this Bot works and its features, we will explain how you can easily send many direct messages per month by using the features of this Bot.

How the Instagram Bulk Direct Messages Sender Bot Works

The Virtual User Instagram Bulk Direct Message Sender Bot searches for your intended IDs and sends your message to them. Just provide the bot with a list of Instagram IDs in an Excel file and specify the text of your message, and the bot will do the rest activities completely automatically.

Select the Correct Message Text

The text of your message has a great impact on your response to your advertisement. You should write an appropriate text to attract the audience’s attention.

The Psychology of the Message Content

Start your advertising message intimately, sincerely, and politely, consider a special discount or offer, if possible, mention the contact’s first name and last name in the text of the message and announce where you have found their ID, to send the message, avoid duplicate sentences, and use sentences that are appealing to the user.

Express Different Characteristics or Benefits of Your Business

On Instagram, you have strong competitors for your business, and your competitors are promoting their business, so in your advertising message, try to differentiate your product or business from the competitors by expressing unique features. And clearly explain the reason why the customer should choose you.

Note the Rules for Sending Bulk Direct Messages on Instagram

In the end, you should use all the points that have been talked about so far based on the rules of Instagram, so that you can get the best feedback from this advertising method without any problems. Instagram considers the authorized number of messages to send based on the age and validity of the accounts with which you send direct messages, and this number is mostly based on hours, for example, for new accounts, Instagram allows sending 19 messages per hour. This number may seem small, but it is not, for example, if you have only 10 side accounts and send only 12 messages with each account, you can send 120 messages per hour and in ten working hours you can send 1200 messages that you can get great feedback if you follow the tips in this article.

In this article, we explained to you the principles and structure of sending bulk direct messages on Instagram. If you consider these rules and principles, you can have high-yield advertising. One of the best examples of these types of tools for sending bulk direct messages on Instagram is The Virtual User Instagram Bulk Direct Messages Sender Bot. It is a commercial product that you can use permanently and you will not need to pay for submissions.


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