8 Things Girls Love about Beach Towels


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Beach towels are not just for drying off after a swim. Whether you’re taking a quick dip or lounging in the sun, a good beach towel is your best friend at the beach or pool. That is why most of the people when going out on beach in group tends to contact wholesale towels to buy them at handsome deal. It is sure that you cannot wash your towels on vacations and that is why keeping more than one piece is always good. So choose a beach towel carefully by keeping your comfort in mind. Not only does sand free beach towel in Australia help dry you off, but it keeps you warm and comfortable during breaks from the water. It’s also a fun and easy way to express your unique personality and style.

8 Things Girls Love about Beach Towels

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a beach towel, not least of which is what girls love about them.

1. They’re colorful

Colorful towels are popular with both men and women, but women tend to choose brighter colors than men do, as well as more prints and patterns. (Men prefer solid colors.) The right color can instantly brighten your day and make you feel happy. And there’s no better place to enjoy color than at the beach.

2. They are lightweight

Beach towels are very light-weight so they can easily be folded up and carried around without any hassle. This makes them easy to transport especially when you’re travelling from place to place.

3. They’re big

The best beach towels aren’t just big; they’re extra big, allowing you to really spread out and relax on the sand. The more surface area there is, the better. And because they’re so huge, they can also function as blankets or shawls when it gets cold in the evening.

4. Variety of Uses

A towel has many uses, which makes it an essential item to have when going to the beach. You can use it as a blanket, as well as a pillow if you are sleeping on the sand at night or resting underneath an umbrella during the daytime hours.

5. It’s not just any towel

It is just not any other towel that we use in our bathroom or kitchen; it is a beach towel which is designed especially for outdoor use. Girls love the fact that they can put it down on the sand and use it as their bed while sunbathing. They love the feeling of relaxation that it gives them when they lie down on it. A girl cannot lie down on the sand and get such comfort as she would get with a beach towel!

6. They’re much softer than bath towels

These towels are made from plush cotton that’s a lot softer and more comfortable than standard bath towels. That means they’ll feel great against exposed skin and won’t leave you with an itchy back after lying in the sun for a few hours, like some cheaper bath towels can do.

7. They have special pockets for your valuables

The last thing you want is to get all settled in on your towel only to realize that you’ve left your keys, phone, or wallet behind back in the car, or worse yet, somewhere down at the water’s edge by mistake.

8. They’re soft

Beach towels need to be extra soft because they come into contact with sensitive skin on your body. Cotton is the most popular material for beach towels because it’s known for being soft and gentle on skin. Cotton/polyester blends are also common since they’re very affordable and highly durable, but some people don’t find them as soft as pure cotton towels.


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