Why Choose Paylocity As Your Online Training Solution?


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Paylocity designs industry-leading and cloud-based human and pay resource management applications for medium-size organizations. Paylocity App’s innovative and versatile elearning solutions enable employees to take their data and their skills with them anywhere, anytime, and pay less than they ever could before.

Why Choose Paylocity As Your Online Training Solution

Paylocity App’s innovative Payroll Software solution is designed to work seamlessly with its millions of customers, which provides a larger payback, more revenue, and less headache for employees. Paylocity App also offers a full range of other benefits and services to help companies manage their human resources.

● It’s payload training software and elearning LMS software

The company offers its payload training software and its lumosity elearning learning management system software, which are developing to meet the needs of instructors, coaches, and trainers worldwide. The payload can be used as a reference tool by instructors anywhere they are to conduct live training courses. It features an advanced, multi-touch, drag-and-drop interface that makes learning easy and intuitive for instructors and trainees alike. Lumosity is used as an online training tool by instructors as well as students who want to learn more about various subjects like finance, operations, information security, internet marketing, management, and more. Both programs are designed to teach people how to increase their earning potential and improve their business and personal lives.

● Comprehensive learning

Payload’s comprehensive elearning solution provides numerous benefits and tools that make it the ideal learning management system and payroll solution. In fact, Paylocity App boasts of an array of features and functionalities, including its proprietary Lumosity learning management system that makes the entire process simple and straightforward. Its web-based training tools and advanced customer support services also make it stand out among its competitors. Paylocity’s lumosity LMS provides extensive training experiences with a comprehensive set of features that can be customized according to each company’s needs. These services include online training and support, group training experiences, and employee training experiences.

● Unique features

One of the unique features of Paylocity’s Lumosity LMS is that it allows users to connect directly with company experts. This way, training, and instructional sessions are easily shared and accessed between employees and trainers. Moreover, the program allows trainers and educators to view their teaching notes and other learners can access their progress reports anytime and anywhere, as long as they have internet access. Paylocity’s LMSes allow users to access the most effective and appropriate learning management systems, thereby boosting their productivity and ensuring the success of the training programs.

● Video gallery feature

Paylocity LMS allows employees to share their videos and photos using its Video Gallery feature. The gallery is available for all types of videos, which include corporate videos, training videos and presentations, scripts, and eBooks. Moreover, the software allows users to upload their own work and share it on the site. Moreover, the website is secured, which offers protection against illegal use and copyright infringement.

● Easy access

In addition to providing easy access to training content, Paylocity LMS offers convenient ways for instructors and trainees to communicate with their students and other users. The elearning solutions offered by this company enable instructors to post assignments online and then offer detailed instructions on how to complete them. Paylocity App’s elearning solutions also include forums for instructors to interact with fellow students. With Paylocity App’s elearning, you can create and deliver training courses that are recognized by the entire organization, as well as reach out to thousands of potential customers.


Paylocity App’s elearning and the way it works allow users to easily personalize their elearning courses. Apart from being able to customize the content, Paylocity App also enables instructors to track student progress and provide online reports on how well the training has been delivered.

Paylocity designs pay resource management applications for organizations. Paylocity’s web-based administration system, called eSignature, makes it easy for instructors and trainees to sign in online. With the Paylocity App, training is made more convenient and enjoyable.


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