A Quick Guide on How to Choose a Commercial Freezer


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Are you ready to open that dream restaurant you’ve always wanted?

Maybe you’ve come up with a quick checklist of everything you need.

Have you considered that you’ll need a commercial freezer for your business? Not sure how to buy one or what to look for?

Read on for a quick guide on commercial freezers!

A Quick Guide on How to Choose a Commercial Freezer

Why Do I Need a Commercial Freezer?

First off, you might be thinking:

“Why can’t I just get a residential freezer like the one I have at home?”

There are many reasons why you have to use a commercial freezer for your business instead of a residential freezer. These reasons will make an investment in a freezer much more important.

A residential freezer will not offer the space, safety, or uses you need to for your business. A home freezer is more fragile and the cooling mechanism might not be as strong or level as a commercial freezer.

Commercial freezers will offer much more space than residential freezers. This will be pivotal for your restaurant because you will be buying a lot of freezer items in bulk. Depending on the commercial freezer you buy, you might have better accessibility to your food as well.

Commercial freezers are designed to be powerful to make sure no food goes bad and is properly cooled. Residential freezers won’t be as powerful or spacious, because homes don’t normally need that much power and space.

What Kind Of Commercial Freezers Are There?

Commercial freezers aren’t just one-fits-all. There are many types that you can buy to suit your needs and wants. Two popular options are commercial upright freezers and chest freezers.

Commercial Upright Freezer

A commercial upright freezer could be the right option for you if you are looking for something with nice accessibility and room.

The upright freezer stands upright and can have one, two, or even three doors for your access. It has shelving units within it so you can stack as much food as you need.

A commercial upright freezer might cause more energy and power to run than other freezers. It will be handy though when you are racing to get something and need to access it quickly.

They are easy to organize and you can designate certain spaces for certain foods.
Commercial upright freezers are a great choice for your new restaurant.

Commercial Chest Freezer

Commercial chest freezers can be a good option for you. If conserving energy is something you are worried about, chest freezers don’t use as much power and energy as other freezers.

They can have a lot of storage space and hold a good amount of food, however, it will not be as easily accessible.

The chest freezer lays on the ground and does not always offer shelving units, so a lot of times your food gets buried. This can be troublesome if you need to locate something quickly and can’t get to it in enough time.

You will need to remove the food on the top in order to get to the bottom of the freezer. Some chest freezers do offer separate units within the chest to separate your food. It may still cause some food to get buried, but it will be more manageable if you are able to keep it organized.

Chest freezers can be good options for bulk items such as meat. If you store one particular category of food in this chest freezer, you won’t need to dig for different food. It is particularly helpful for large foods that might not fit in an upright freezer.

Glass Door Freezer

Whether it’s an upright freezer or a chest freezer, you can have the lid or the door as clear glass. This is a good option if your freezer will be in the front and you want it to be aesthetically pleasing.

Having glass doors if your freezer is in the front can grab a customer’s attention to what you hold in the freezer.

This can also be helpful if you want to view what you have in the freezer before opening it. If you don’t have what you are looking for, you won’t need to waste the cold air by opening the freezer.

A glass door can also make it easier to take inventory without wasting cold air as well.

If these are things you are not concerned about or don’t think will be helpful to your business, you can stick to normal doors and chest lids.

What Should I Consider When Buying My Commercial Freezer?

When purchasing a restaurant freezer, you will want to think through it carefully and consider what’s important to you.


Commercial freezers will take up a good amount of energy and power. This can easily rack up your utility bills and make it more expensive to run your restaurant.

If the freezer you choose is an energy-efficient freezer, this means you will be choosing something that will decrease your bills.


The space you need for your freezer will vary on what you are using it for. You want to make sure you get the exact measurements you need and that the inside will have the right amount of space for your food.

If you buy a freezer that will not fit the space you need, you may have to return it which just causes more hassle.

Door Space

Similarly, you will want to consider how many doors you have. This will be especially important if you choose an upright freezer.

Do you need one, two, or three doors? The increase of doors can increase your space.

If you are worried about your door swinging open and hitting customers or employees, you may want to consider a sliding glass door instead. This can maximize space and be safer for people.

Purchase a Freezer From a Trusted Company

You don’t want to buy a commercial freezer from just any company. You want to research the company, look at reviews, and make sure you are buying from someone reliable.

This freezer will be a pivotal part of your restaurant and you don’t want to waste your money buying something that won’t work. Make sure the company has gotten good reviews and is verified, that way you can make the right choice.

You can browse our huge range of commercial freezers now to make the right choice!

You’re Ready!

Don’t wait any longer; go now and purchase the commercial freezer you need for your dream restaurant!

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