How to Restart Word on Mac?


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Are you facing a lot of problems while using MS word in your Mac book? It’s quite natural, as MS word is also susceptible to several working issues or errors, just like other applications. When you use MS word or office several times for many projects or other works, you will find that it isn’t working like the way it used to do when you installed it in your Mac book. Several updates and versions are being designed not to face any such problems or issues with MS Office. If you’re looking for a reliable and professional service to buy research papers from, then RapidEssay is a great option.

How to Restart Word on Mac

If you want to learn Microsoft Word, not responding to Mac, this article will help you. Further, in this article, you’ll learn several techniques and solutions for the problem you are facing. And, also know what to do when the Work application isn’t responding anymore to Mac. To resolve your issue, we have listed out several solutions to make your action quick.

Why is MS Word not responding to Mac?

If you want to solve the problem, you must know why the issue is arising. So, to understand why your Word isn’t responding, you have to check for the possible ways such as-

  1. Whether the plug-ins or some other add-ons are hindering the software or not.
  2. Your Mac book could be having insufficient RAM that resulted in improper work of Word.
  3. Power fluctuations, expected or unexpected, can be a cause.
  4. Check whether the Word preferences got corrupted or not.
  5. Microsoft Word could be having hardware bugs or program errors.
  6. There can be interruptions on your Mac’s operations that can be caused by the presence of Virus or Malware.

What are the symptoms of having an issue with your Mac book?

  1. You won’t be able to open your Word files.
  2. The content you are writing in Word would be different from weird characters and difficult to understand.
  3. Whenever you try to open Word, every time it will crash or automatically close.
  4. Randomly your Mac system will crash without any warning.
  5. Your Mac book will hang for a long time and won’t respond to your command.

Whenever you face these difficulties or witness any of these symptoms, that means you strictly have to quit using MS Word on your Mac to avoid any other problems to arise in your system.

What to do when Word isn’t responding to Mac?

There is no need to worry if you are a newbie in this field as we will be giving you all the information we have gathered regarding the problem.

● You must remove the auto-recovery folder: You must know that there is a feature that enables you to recover your deleted or lost file automatically, an Auto Recover feature. As the feature is automatic, all the corrupted files you would have deleted also stay in your system, leading to cause several issues in the system. As a result, your Word is also not responding to your system. Therefore, try to delete those folders and see whether the problem can be fixed.

● Disable the Add-ins: Actually, this is the first thing you need to do: either disable or remove add-ins when you have to fix Word when it is not responding. The Add-ins of 64-bit or 32-bit version can also affect the application. Most probably, the Add-ins’ incapability causes the applications to crash or can cause other issues to MS Word.

● Try resetting the Word Preferences: To fix Word not responding, you can try using the troubleshooting methods. What you have to do is delete or reset the Preference file that might cause the issue.

● Try to Uninstall and Reinstall MS Word for your System: The end solution is to uninstall or Reinstall the MS Word on your Mac when nothing is working. This will be the right solution, even if the MS Office is not correctly responding to your system.


I hope you have all the necessary information from this article you wanted to have in this article. Now, you know what you can do when Word is not responding to your Mac book. You can now solve your problem efficiently with the possible list of solutions mentioned above. I hope you follow the instructions properly and solve the problem real quick.

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