Find a Job That Aligns With Your Purpose and Passion


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Did you know that almost half of older millennials wish they had a different job? If you want to learn how to find a job that will fit your interests, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to determine your purpose and passion and find the right job.

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Find a Job That Aligns With Your Purpose and Passion

How Do You Spend Your Free Time?

If you would like to change your career, think about these factors:

  1. Think about what you spend your time on.
  2. Look at your bank statement.
  3. Go through the list of books, films, or magazines you like.

Note how you spend your free time and when you feel the most joy. If there’s a particular genre, subject, or theme, you will have a better vision.

When you know your interests, you can narrow down your job options.

What Were Your Childhood Passions?

Try and remember the different passions you had as a child. Passions from childhood tend to get forgotten as people grow old.

What did you love to do before you started worrying about getting a career? Did you love art or writing?

Perhaps you always imagined becoming a doctor or scientist. Try and think about these initial interests as well.

See a Career Counselor

Career counselors have experience helping people determine new career opportunities. The career counselor might have insight into new opportunities.

If you need help determining a new path, go see a professional career counselor.

Tell the career counselor what you would like to achieve in your meeting. Make sure you don’t hold back any hidden interests, passions, or skills.

The more details you provide the counselor, the easier time they’ll have figuring out options.

What Do You Teach Others?

Another way to learn more about your interests or hobbies is to consider what you teach others. What conversations do you tend to enjoy the most?

You might begin to notice you get super animated when you talk about nutrition or health. Look into your area of interest and what job opportunities you could pursue.

The topics you talk about or teach about are essential areas to investigate.

Determine What You Aren’t Passionate About

To find a career opportunity or area you’re passionate about, make sure you know what not to pursue.

For example, you want to look at finding a profession you’re passionate about and enjoy. You need to figure out a professional passion.

Even if you’re good at numbers or organizing, you might not feel interested in related fields. Don’t focus on trying to fit your talents and skills into a career.

Instead, think about what you love to do. If you choose something you love, you will remain committed to doing your job well. You will get joy out of your work but still, work hard.

What Work Makes You Feel Excited?

Think about what work makes you feel excited. Consider a role, task, or function in a workplace that you’ve wondered about doing.

For example, maybe you have wanted to become a nurse. Think about this position and what it would be like working as a nurse.

Does it make you feel excited and focused? You want to choose a profession you feel emotionally invested in for the long run.

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Get Feedback From Family and Friends

After answering these questions, get some insight from loved ones. Your friends and relatives can share their perspectives and if they see the career as a good fit.

Your relative or friend might notice you’re good at something. Ask your loved ones to share their input.

How Do You Know You’re Passionate?

People will know they found something they love if time flies.

If you notice you look forward to going to work, that’s also a good sign. The middle and end of the day should also be telling. Do you still feel proud and excited about what you accomplished?

Passionate people will work hard and stretch themselves to finish the work tasks.

Consider Different Career Paths

After you have a chance to identify different areas of interest, think about possible careers. You can browse other job titles online or look on a job hiring site.

Read through different job descriptions. You’ll get a better understanding of what roles you like and what ones you don’t.

Note when you feel interested in a particular task or responsibility. This will help you research other related roles and find a better fit.

You could talk to your employer about different areas of interest. Your company might be able to move you into a new role that gives you more motivation.

If you love the company, consider sitting down with the manager. Your manager might want to keep you at the company and even create a new role.

Sometimes, you might find a passion, but the related job isn’t something you want to pursue. It’s essential to think about the different passions or interests.

Find Your Purpose and Passion Today

We hope this guide on finding a career you’re passionate about was helpful. Take time to answer some questions about your purpose and passion.

Make sure you talk to your friends or relatives to get their feedback. You want to find something you will enjoy doing in the long run.

Are you looking for more career tips? Check out our resources on the blog.


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