Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Washing Machine


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It is with pomp and joy that your family members welcomed the new electronic appliance in the home – washing machine. It acquired a space in the medium space kitchen, but your spouse and mother were very happy. They used to constantly complain against spending time on the weekends to clean and wash clothes. Now, they can spend time on other important jobs. In this article, you are going to gain valuable tips to extend the life of washing machine.

Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Washing Machine

But being the head of the family, you are in a trauma. You know that buying the washing machine is easy, but maintenance is also necessary. After all, it is not invisible and can get easily repaired. So you searched high and low for articles on tips to extend the life of your washing machine. And you landed at this page. Do not worry. After reading this article, you will gain enough information to make the washing machine last a lifetime.

1. Level of Ground

Can you stand or sit on an uneven level and talk or work for eight hours? No! Then the same applies for your washing machine. In case of a unleveling ground, the vibration will be strong. Sometimes, the appliance may move a little across the floor. There are chances the electronic parts in the appliance may get damaged. To put an end, you can adjust the front level legs. Check youtube videos on adjusting the leg to proper heights.

2. Cleaning Of Surface

It is mandatory that you have to wipe off dust from the appliance’s exterior. The same applies for spilled detergent. As for the parts, ensure that you keep clean the gaskets, glass doors and crevices. Try to clean the gasket and doors after each load.

3. Removal of Lints

Do you harbor the wrong notion that only the dryers collect lint in lint traps and ducts? No. Even washing machines collect lint and send them to the drain. You can find some washing machine brands that collect lint in the agitator’s center tube. For cleaning the lint, you need to remove the tube and then do the process. There are some brands where you find the filter at the top. You have to slide out the filter, clean and then reinsert. Do you face drainage problems in the kitchen or bathroom? Then the reason is build-up of lint in the drainage pipes.

4. Water Fill Hoses

Beware of the water hoses. They are linked to the washing machine, but get damaged in due course of time. It is every owner’s duty to check these water hoses from time to time. In case of a tiny blister, then please note it is a warning sign for rupture. Home improvement experts recommend replacement of these hoses every half a decade.

5. Do Not Overdry

After the cleaning process, do not let the clothes remain in the washing machine. It wastes energy and can reduce the lifespan of your clothes.

6. Moisture Sensor

Have you got a good exchange offer for your old washing machine? Then ensure you pick the one which has a moisture sensor. It will automatically shut off the cycle when the clothes become dry.

7. Open Washing Machine Doors

The title has caused a lot of debate among home improvement experts. If you do not have a toddler or a pet then keep the door open. Then the drum will get pure air. The method also prevents unpleasant smell.

8. Vent Dryers

It is necessary that the dryer be properly cleaned. In the opposite case, there will be excess build-up of lint in the body of dryer.

Carbon-di-oxide can also get released inside your home and worse, you can begin a fire.

9. Cleaning The Interiors

Other than cleaning the mentioned parts, check out the dispensers and attachments at least a month. You should check the interior of the drum. Ensure that no dyes have remained to ruin the next round of light colored clothes.

10. Vacations

Have you planned a long vacation? Have your children got holidays? Then unplug the wire of the washing machine. In an unfortunate situation, you can prevent any type of accidental floods.


Now we have come to the last part of the article. We hope that you have got tips to extend the life of the washing machine or dryer. Let us imagine, you stay in Bangalore and have the choicest of electronic appliances in your home. But off late, the washing machine is giving uncleaned clothes. You are afraid of the future and fire hazard. You want to hire the services of a qualified technician to check the appliance and do a complete maintenance service. So where will you search for the best technician for washing machine service in Bangalore? You need not rely on referrals or on established websites. There are a new set of companies providing top quality doorstep repair services to customers in Bangalore. All these companies have an app, and you can download it and then book a request as per your convenience. The concerned technician will come to your place and fix the appliance at reasonable charges.

In recent times, you have the smart washing machine. You can control this appliance via the app. You can switch on the washing machine and receive alerts after the wash. The appliance will give precise information on the amount of detergent to be added, and the temperature for stained clothes. Now, you do not have to wait till the wash gets completed. You can program the finish, and go to the market. You will get an alert at the market after the wash has completed. Easy, isn’t it. But similar to all electronic appliances, even the smart washing machine should get maintenance as per the schedule of the manufacturer. Then it will work to its potential and last as per the given lifetime.

We hope by this article you have got some information on tips to extend the life of washing machine. Do you feel we have missed a valuable point? Then kindly put a comment in the Inbox.


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