The Best Time to Post on Instagram According to Researches in 2020


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Do you want to grow your Instagram audience? Since the time Instagram converted into an algorithm-based feed, the question of timing became crucial because the timing of uploading a post matters a lot. A team of social media researchers found the secret psychology of people that may boost your Instagram handle. They say that the uploading time has the ability to increase or decrease your influence! In this article, you’ll come to know the best time to upload a post on Instagram and even you can find out when the top influencers in your industry get the most engagement. Read on to explore more on this!

The Best Time to Post on Instagram According to Researches in 2020

The Best Time to Post on Instagram

Most probably you’re hoping that you’ll get a specific time to upload a post on your Instagram. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple – you have to consider too many aspects and remember that these vary in different time zones. Although, as per best times to post on Instagram are 2 am and 5 pm.

If you’re going to post more than one post in a week, then various researches suggest the following timing as the best:

  • HubSpot – From 2 PM till 3 PM on Thursday
  • Sprout Social – 11 AM on Wednesday and 10 AM until 11 AM on Friday
  • Expert Voice – 11 AM until 3 PM on Wednesday

After considering the variations in different researches, rather than choosing the best time to post on Instagram, if you want to become successful in your intention then you have to post more than once in a week.

Another way to find the best time to upload is to check when your audience comes online via Instagram analytics.

It’s also very useful to find which time work for other brands in your niche, especially if you’re a beginner, Blastup can help you to boost your followers, views, and likes.

Although, you must remember that the proper timing can’t boost bad content, timing can only be used to boost the content which is really good.

And just because these are the best timing to upload, it doesn’t mean that you cannot post at any other time. A good Instagram strategy is made by many experiments and testing on your own. Your audience is different and unique so it varies.

The Best Time to Post According to Different Niches

  • Travel and Tourism – Every Friday between 9 AM to 1 PM.
  • Food and Beverage – Every Friday at 12 PM.
  • Retail – 12 PM on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • Professional Services – 9 AM to 10 AM on Friday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  • Media and Entertainment – Thursdays and Tuesdays from 12 PM until 3 PM.
  • Non-profit – 10 AM in the morning and 4 PM in the evening on Tuesday.
  • Education – 4 PM to 5 PM on Thursday.
  • Technology – 2 PM on Monday and Tuesday.
  • E-commerce/Non-retail – 9 PM and 4 PM on Thursday
  • Healthcare & Pharma – 9 AM on Sunday and Wednesday.
  • Personal Care – 1 PM, 2 PM, or 3 PM on Friday and Thursday.

Best Time to Post on Instagram According to Days

In the above Timings, we noticed that days also matters in uploading content on Instagram.

Here is the list of the Best time to post on Instagram according to different days:

  • Sunday: 7 AM and 8 AM in the morning, and 4 PM in the evening EST.
  • Monday: 6 AM and 10 AM in the morning, and 10 PM at night EST.
  • Tuesday: 2 AM and 4 AM in the morning, and 9 AM in the morning EST.
  • Wednesday: 7 AM and 8 AM in the morning, and 11 PM at night EST.
  • Thursday: 9 AM in the morning, 12 PM in the afternoon, and 7 PM at the night EST.
  • Friday: 5 AM in the morning, 1 PM in the afternoon, and 3 PM in the evening EST.
  • Saturday: 11 AM in the morning, 7 PM, and 8 PM at the night EST.

These are the best timing to post your content on Instagram on an average but if you want to receive more engagement then it is better to find out your own personalized timing which is based upon your audience.

Studies Regarding the Best Time to Post on Instagram

Many different organizations have carried out investigations for the last few years to find the best timing to post content on Instagram. Although, they do not completely agree with each other!

What is the worst timing to post on your Instagram account?

After knowing the best time to post on Instagram, you must understand what is the worst time to post on Instagram? Because half knowledge can be very dangerous!

So, the worst time to post on Instagram is in the early hours of the morning means from 1 AM to 5 AM.

HubSpot says that influencers get high engagement for a post after 5 am from Tuesday to Friday.

How to Find Out the Best time to Upload According to Your Unique Audience?

Firstly, convert your Instagram into an Instagram business account; if you already have one then it’s nice, now you’re able to use Instagram Insights for analyzing your audience engagement and activities. Just like Google Analytics provides you different data to grow your business, the Instagram Insights analytics tool will help you to make better and proper decisions about the best timing to post content on Instagram for your audience.
You can easily access your data of Instagram Insights in your account section of the Instagram app. Just tap on the bar graph icon. You’re also able to see data for posts and stories. The trusy social reviews shows more on this you can go through.

On the homepage of your Instagram insights, you’ll see all the data for your Instagram over the past week. You can see how many posts you have made and how many followers you have earned or lost. As you scroll down, you will see the graphs that will provide insight into the follower activities. For example, you can find out the number of impressions, the number of views, and see how many likes and comments each post has received. These insights will help you to understand the best type of content that engages more with your audience.


We hope that we have shown you how easy it is to find out the best time to upload your content according to your unique audience. You simply start by taking one of the timings provided and you can choose the timing according to your niche. And now that you have this information, you can apply it in real life to get the greater benefit, right? So, now you can even choose your timing according to different days. Finally, if you can implement the timing which you found best according to your Instagram insights, you’ll grow faster on Instagram.


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