4 Ways Chain Blocks Are Utilised


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For the development of cities, entertainment industries and residential areas the proper equipment must be used to make the process faster & risk-free. Machines and tools are used for any task whether it is maintenance, repairs or construction.

4 Ways Chain Blocks are Utilised

However, sometimes people lack the correct tools and equipment they need for their business or DIY projects. One such piece of equipment that you may not have is a chain block. This device is used in many industries because of its versatility.

Today we’ll be going through what chain blocks are and four ways you can use this innovative device. You may find that a chain block is exactly what you need for your projects.

What is a Chain Block?

A chain block is a device that utilises a chain to lift and lower heavy items. This device has a pair of wheels where the chain is securely wrapped around. Items are attached to a hook or harness on the end of the chain and when the shackles are pulled it winds around the wheel to securely lift loads of the ground.

Chain blocks can either be operated manually or electronically. The chain block will connect to a load on the ground via the hook. The chain will either be pulled manually by crew or by a powered system to tighten its grip on the wheels. This forms a loop inside a device that causes tension which is how the load is lifted off the ground.

4 Benefits of a Chain Block

There are many benefits to using a chain block and they make short work of any heavy lifting task. Let’s go through four advantages of this hoist.

Various Sizes and Designs to Pick from

Chain blocks come in various sizes manufactured for different load capacities. Large devices can lift between 10 and 15 tonnes of weight. The smaller chain blocks can lift up to 500kg of weight off the ground.

They are incredibly durable because they’re made with heavy-duty materials. Typically chain blocks come with all the parts you need to operate the device such as the following:

  • Chain
  • Hooks – you could try these out
  • Control panel
  • Spare parts
  • Trolleys to move the machine
  • Overload protection

The larger chain blocks are used in the construction industry while smaller devices are utilised in factories and repair shops.

Requires Minimal Maintenance

Since chain blocks are durable they show minimal wear over time and therefore they won’t require a lot of maintenance. Ensure you purchase a quality device that has a long service life. However, it’s advised that you conduct regular inspections on your chain block to maintain safety on site.

Chain Blocks are High-Performance Devices

Manual and electric chain blocks are high-performance devices that are guaranteed to operate efficiently without hassle. They get the job done fast and safely. It’s crucial that you purchase a chain block from a reputable company so you can have peace of mind that it’s a quality device.

Compact, Lightweight and Easy to Operate

The last benefit of chain blocks is that they’re compact devices so they don’t take up a lot of floor space. This is ideal when you don’t have room for storage. These devices are lightweight so they’re easy to move.

Chain blocks are effortless to operate because they don’t have any technical controls that will confuse you.

4 Ways Chain Blocks are Utilised

So now that you know more about chain blocks, what are they used for? As mentioned before these devices are versatile so they’re used in many industries. Let’s go through four ways you can use a chain block.

1. Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry requires built sets or stages. The materials used to build these sets and stages are heavy & sometimes they need to be lifted on to platforms. Chain blocks are used to lift heavy lights so they can be rigged in the correct position. These hoists are also used to lift heavy curtains to be hooked up on broadway stages.

2. Construction Industry

Construction companies require hoists especially when they’re building three-story high structures. Beams, large quantities of bricks and other heavy loads must be lifted safely on off the ground to be placed on higher platforms. Chain blocks can do these tasks fast so there’s no delay in building tall structures.

3. Mechanic Industry

Chain blocks are typically used in mechanical workshops to lift heavy engines out of cars. These hoists can be used to lift other heavy car parts such as large tires to be placed on trucks.

4. Transportation and Emergency Equipment

Cargo companies require hoists to lift heavy containers off the ground so they can be put onto ships, trucks or aeroplanes. Chain blocks are used to lift heavy emergency equipment onto transportation vessels such as lifeboats and crates full of life jackets.

Final Thoughts

Chain blocks aren’t simply designed for large businesses. These hoists are used for DIY projects at home such as lifting wood of the ground to build a treehouse. Whatever your heavy lifting tasks are, chain blocks will certainly help you get the job done successfully.


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