Tips for Newbies – How to Make the Most of Your Garden


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What if we told you that transforming your home isn’t as difficult as you think it is? If you weren’t born with a green thumb, you may be apprehensive about something as simple as sprucing up your garden this summer. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Tips for Newbies - How to Make the Most of Your Garden

The guidelines below work in almost any scenario. Whether you have a small space that needs an upgrade or you just bought a large new property and need an excavator for sale to transform it, follow our simple but effective—and proven—tips.

For example landscaping with gravel can give a new aspect of aesthetic beauty to your garden. So make sure that you are making every effort to turn your garden into a mesmerizing place to spend a good time of leisure there. Many people tend to stay in their garden for long hours and in such case they cannot simply ignore its maintaince and asethecism.

First, Sit & Enjoy

Looking at the space from inside the house won’t give you the same insight as immersing yourself in the scene. Before you do anything else, pour yourself a drink and go & sit in your garden. Now imagine how you want to use that garden in coming months and years.

When you attempt garden landscaping it’s not only about making a space look pretty. Rather, it’s about finding what YOU want in that space.

So, take some time, walk around and place your chair in different places to find the best options for your plan. For example, if you add any furniture, make sure you can enjoy the sunset from where you position them.

See? A little logic goes a long way in creating the perfect garden.

Prioritise Simplicity & Functionality

While you sit on your chair in the garden, write down your ideas. Then remove the ones that will make your garden too difficult to maintain. If until now you haven’t been a gardening pro, chances are you’ll prefer a low maintenance area that you can simply enjoy rather than spend time cleaning all the time. This means:

  • Pick evergreen trees
  • Don’t create too many different flower beds you have to maneuver the lawnmower around
  • Plant flowers that don’t require much care

Also consider each aspect of your plan’s functionality. For some a flower arch with pretty furniture is ideal and can look very impressive. However, if your family prefers running around and throwing a ball for the dogs to sitting & drinking tea, don’t create too many obstacles on the lawn.

Can you see how you need to tailor the elements according to your need?

What Will be Your X-Factor?

Here is the tip that all experienced landscapers will tell you: pick one focal point and design around it. A focal point usually has one of these characteristics: it’s either large, looks impressive or is beautiful to look at, for example:

  • A huge tree
  • Water feature
  • Colourful flower patch

Create this first and then pick other items to frame it.

Of course, you can install multiple impressive items, but this can make your garden seem disjointed and quite overwhelming to a visitor. Remember, you also want your garden to add to your home’s resale value on day, so make it aesthetically pleasing from the start.

Plan for Short AND Long Term

Don’t forget to think ahead. Will what you create today still work down the line?

One example is creating an outdoor gathering area with tables and chairs cemented in place. Will it be the best use of the space once winter arrives? Should you rather use the budget to furnish the enclosed patio where you can enjoy the view all year round?

Another consideration is a vegetable garden. You may get so wrapped up in landscaping that you don’t consider that the kids will want to try their hand at growing some tomatoes themselves. Or perhaps you want to go green yourself and become self-sustainable? Consider all these matters before making any huge changes to the space.

Also, if you want a pretty and low maintenance garden, pick plants that will look great whether it’s summer or winter. Or at least make sure you don’t have to plant new flowers each summer. Pick perennials such as tulips or lilies rather than annuals and save yourself a lot of effort come spring time.

Scale and Repetition

You don’t need to pay an expert to get a stylish look. Simple methods the professionals use can be your secret weapons too:

  • Scale: Make sure you use elements of different sizes. For example, create a backdrop for small flowers by placing tall plants behind them. To do this effectively you can dream big and create different sections. Find an affordable mini excavator for sale and create beds, small mounds and garden levels so you can create an impressive, layered scene. Also use different shapes and textures.
  • Repetition: Feel free to repeat a few elements such as colour or types of plants throughout your garden. This will bind the scene together. Just don’t overdo it.

You should have a personal corner in your garden

Many of us want to spend some time with nature after fidgeting up with electronic and technology based gadgets whole day at workplace. For this purpose you must create a personal space for yourself in your garden whole giving it a complete makeover. More it becomes crucial to maintain that space intact for longer run. You can seek professional help like Arlington garden maintenance by tree experts for this purpose to help you in designing an alluring personal space in your garden. That is how a garden can be turned into your second home to find solace.

In Conclusion

See? Anyone can do this? Master these skills and you can create a masterpiece too. Gardening may just become your new favourite hobby.

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