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Just as the name suggests, the cherry blossom tattoo resembles a beautiful flower of many trees that commonly grows in Japan. In this country, they are well known as Sakura and Japanese cherry. They are very beautiful and they stand for the delicacy of life and renewal despite withering and dying within two weeks of their blooming. As a result of which youth is crazy for getting their body carved with cherry blossom sleeve tattoo or at other places on the body. Getting a cherry blossom tattoo on the body is becoming the talk of the town not just in Japan but across the globe.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas

When tattoos are carved, they are meant to stay for a long time while keeping people motivated and inspired all through the end of life. The cherry blossoms hold so much meaning not only to the Japanese and Chinese cultures but to many tattoo lovers. As a result of which they try to experiment this tattoo in different way either by writing their own name along with the blossom or their loved ones. Here are some popular cherry blossom tattoo designs:

1. Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

They are usually accompanied by a Japanese phrase or a traditional Japanese symbol like a yin yang. This kind of cherry blossom tattoo are admired by the all age groups as now adults are also coming on the front foot to get such tattoo carved on their body. The same goes for Chinese cherry blossom tattoos.

2. Minimalist Sakura Tattoo

A minimal Sakura tree tattoo design would appear just fine with a simple cherry blossom line drawing. It is selected by those who are not very fond of having big cherry blossom tattoos on their body as it looks very fine and cute. Artists can show good creativity in these sort of tattoos. You only need to include falling petals to complete the look. You can also color it or decide to keep it monochromatic.

3. Branch Tattoo

The pinkish flowers of cherry tree are enough to mesmerize any soul and if you are getting the entire branch carved on your body it is just fabulous. Those who want small cherry blossom tattoo in this category of design can also make it happen on their wrist and palm joint or finger for that matter. The cherry blossom tattoo becomes even more realistic when it has branches. Branches with flowers that are dotted will complete the look!

4. Small Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Those people who don’t like revealing their tattoos can go with this choice. Small cherry blossom tattoo are just amazing as they fit anywhere on your body including finger, wrist, neck or near elbow wherever you want to get them carved. The best part about these tattoos are that they are super affordable as small in size and give you Bohemian look as well and they perfectly fit on the finger or ankle.

5. Watercolor Cherry Blossom Tattoo

If you are eager to get a superior quality finely carved tattoo of cherry blossom on your body this design is a pick. Get cherry blossom tattoo with name or any of your spiritual symbol it is going to catch every gaze towards you. Those looking for the perfect trend should go with this one. An amazing result would be combining it with the cherry blossom flower tattoos. According to Glaminati, perfect combination!

6. Cherry Blossom Flower Tattoo

This one would just be outstanding with or without the branches. You can keep it as simple as it could be in this design. Just remove everything from the concept and keep a single flower of the tree in your tattoo. The pink colour of the cherry blossom flower in the tattoo is going to attract people for sure. It has been voted as one of the cutest flower tattoos out there.

7. Hummingbird Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Birds love flowers for one good reason. Nectar! A cherry blossom tree tattoo can be accompanied by a hummingbird, butterfly, or dragonfly. This design best go with cherry blossom finger tattoo as you can make a lengthy branch of the cherry blossom as per the length of your finger and bird sitting on it. This is something very unique and will grab the natural look and also will present your personality as nature lover. You can choose the bird of your choice and make sure to choose something that can relate to the cherry blossom tree.

8. Wrist Tree Tattoo

Those who want to get permanent bracelets can get a bracelet-like band of cute little blossoms carved around their wrists. This is really going to create an impact amongst your friends. You can experiment with the design like making it like real cherry blossom branch piece tied along your wrist. This is the way your tattoo will catch great popularity in no time.

9. Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo

“Way too sexy” has been the new theme in town and blossom tattoos worn on the shoulder have come to back this up. One just needs to wear an off-shoulder, halter, or sleeveless to show them off. In order to get a Boho look too many girls and boys are hankering after such kind of tattoo designs for past one decade. It gives a funky look to your personality and you also feel a bit more confident about yourself by matching your steps with the people.

10. Cherry Blossom Sleeve Tattoo

It must be nice to walk around in town with beautiful branches and flowers twirled around your arm like a sleeved sweater. In order to get this look permanently you can get a cherry blossom branch tattoo along your sleeve or both of them as per your personal choice. It will help you to reveal your care and attachment to the nature. Make sure to get such tattoo carved from a professional to avoid any minor mistake that can spoil the entire look and idea of getting a sleeve tattoo of cherry blossom.

Tree Back Tattoo

11. Tree Back Tattoo

The design offers a bigger and bolder look. It also has more surface area and a bigger cherry blossom tree that has its petals being blown away by wind can be the perfect fit for a creative back tattoo. Such kind of tattoo are suitable to those physique which are giant and have a good body. People having average body should avoid messing up with their body by getting such tattoo carved on their body. It is very crucial to choose the relevant design of cherry blossom tattoo as per your body and physique.

12. Cherry Blossom Side Tattoo

The side of the rib could be one tricky place to place a tattoo but considering the pretty outcome, it’s worth spending more at the parlor. If you have lot of time and money to invest on your hobbies then you can easily go for this tattoo. Also get it done from a very superior place as a little mistake can cost you in ruining your entire look.

13. Cherry Blossom Thigh Tattoo

Colorful tree branches and small flowers going all the way up to the hip would make for a cute thigh tattoo. Others would prefer to extend a little bit to the rib cage and that’s perfectly fine. Those who are wearing shorts, mid skirts and dresses are free to catch up with such sort of tattoos on their thighs. It is going to enhance their funkiness for sure. At the same time you will feel good about yourself when your friends are going to appreciate you for such unique tattoo.

14. Cherry Blossom Leg Tattoo

The leg offers an array of places to carve a nice, unique tattoo. The cherry blossoms would glitter at the ankle, calf, or thighs. The colour combination is very important in this kind of tattoos. Make sure to choose a colour that goes well with your personality. If you are a party girl then go for shimmery shades and in other case you can choose for the neutral ones too.

15. Cherry Blossoms Foot Tattoos

This can easily replace an anklet made of flowers and most women will most certainly like it. The side of the foot could also be a perfect place to carve a floral tattoo. Although the idea of getting a tattoo across your foot might appear wired to many people but it is highly in trend nowadays. People are literally choosing foot tattoo to look cool amongst their college group. So you can go with the one if you really wish to do so.

16. Realistic Cherry Blossoms Tattoo

Uniqueness is key to standing out from other people. Since botanical tattoos have been the trend lately, rocking colorful cherry blossoms seems to be the way to go. This is something that can beat all other tattoo types or designs we can say. You will get a real looking tattoo of cherry blossom tree, branch or flower on your body by doing so. In order to get this level of creativity in tattoo you really need to pay visit to a good place for the job gets done.

17. Black And White Cherry Blossom Tattoo

It is said that achromatic tattoos tend to be more meaningful than brightly colored ones. Cherry blossom tattoo designs that are black and white have something to do with in-depth beauty. If you are one of those who still have faith in black and white colours then just go for such kinds of cherry blossom tattoo on your body as well. This is how you will be able to flaunt your personality in the crowd in unique way.

18. White Cherry Blossom Tattoo

They might not be as popular as their pink and red counterparts, but they make for a good choice if someone doesn’t want to be too mainstream. Subtle and beautiful at the same time! For those looking for a cheap and reliable essay writing service, there are plenty of options available.

So these are few best tattoo designs that one can go with in order to carve cherry blossom tattoo on the body. Apart from it there could be myriads of other options that one can try based on his own creativity to give an amazing look to the tattoo. A tattoo is for a lifetime and one must choose the one that he is in love for his entire life and do not get fed up with.


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