The Importance Of Warming Up Before Any Physical Activity


Many people are now taking real steps to get themselves into shape because they have been reminded of the importance of good health and doing the right things. It’s all about motivating yourself and if you have been finding that very difficult as of late, then there is assistance out there for you to help you reach your fitness goals. The one mistake that everyone seems to make is that they come out of the gates much too fast and they try to do too much exercise in such a short space of time.

The Importance Of Warming Up Before Any Physical Activity

This is sure to lead to injuries and will put you back a number of weeks before you can start again. Many people do not realise that a 10 minute warm-up before you do any type of exercise is probably one of the most important things that needs to be done and you can’t put it off. If you do, you will end up having to visit a professional to take care of your injury and to provide you with some much needed knowledge.

If you do hurt yourself then you have the option to visit a Bella Vista physio to get some expert advice on how you can deal with your injury and also avoid injuries in the future. Many people think that they should only go to see a physio when they hurt themselves, but it is important to go to see them before you take on any new exercise routine so that they can improve on your flexibility so that there is less likelihood of hurting yourself. As mentioned briefly before, the warm-up is incredibly important and here are some of the reasons why you should do it.

1. It means lesser injuries – Injuries are something that you want to avoid at all times but even with the greatest of care you can still end up hurting yourself. By visiting your local physio, he or she will help to prepare your body better for what lies ahead and you should be able to enjoy improved flexibility as a direct result. The more flexible and limber that you are, the less there is a likelihood of getting hurt when you start to do your new exercise routine. It allows you to have a better lifestyle and health as well.

2. It prepares you physically & mentally – Beginning a new exercise routine after living such a sedentary lifestyle can be very difficult and it takes a lot of motivation to get yourself out of that armchair and into the gym. This is why you need to be prepared both physically and mentally because you do not want to be throwing the towel in early in the proceedings because it’s difficult and you’re tired. When you stretch at the beginning of your exercise routine, it lets both your mind and your body understand what’s going to happen and that makes it a whole lot easier.

3. It increases your core temperature – it is important that your muscles, ligaments and other parts of your body are properly warmed up before you begin any new exercise routine. It’s all about increasing your body’s core temperature and this prepares it to take on more oxygen as you begin to move more. It allows your heart to be ready for what lies ahead and this means that your body isn’t put under any unnecessary strain. You can learn so much about living a healthier and fitter lifestyle from many different sources.

As you can see, it is so important to do a proper warm up before you engage in any kind of exercise and it is so easy to do. You have many options open to you and you can do some simple stretching or other activity for about 10 minutes.


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