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What is Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is a cryptographic money and an installment framework, first proposed by a mysterious individual or gathering under the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. It was in 2009 when Nakamoto decided to release the white papers of BTC in the trade market cryptocurrency network for the first time. Once after seeing the papers, the centralized units became well aware of the fact that it is going to give them a tough time in the mere future. However, the general people failed to understand the same and hence, they had to wait for long until they realized the real opportune that bitcoin had brought them.

However, the concept of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies were absolutely unacceptable back in those days because most of the investors became skeptical of their reliability due to the virtual feature of the crypto. However, when big brand CEOs and other business brand entrepreneurs took the initiatives of investing in cryptocurrencies, it started bringing in a wave of investors to the crypto world. After that in 2011 Nakamoto suddenly vanished as if to see if Bitcoins could make it on its own in the market or not.

The hype on cryptocurrencies have reached such an extent in today’s world that almost everyone wants to invest in the same due to the fact that the cryptocurrency is available in limited numbers in the market. You would be able to make some serious utilization of the crypto coin until the miners mine out the 21st bitcoin in the market.

Now you know the basics on Bitcoins more or less. For more info, you can follow the Bitcoin era now.

Basics on blockchain technology

As the name suggests, you should know that blockchain technology is one of the major reasons behind bitcoin’s huge gain in fame in today’s world. It is technologically advanced to that extent with the mixture of cryptographic actions that the entire network has become unimaginably suitable for investors from all fields and types. You should also know that it helps in storing all the vital data in the public ledgers which act like public registers for storing data of movements of cryptocurrencies in the market.

If the miners notice any abnormal movement in the market transaction history at any point, then it would indicate a data breach from the hackers’ side. However, one has got nothing to worry about as the cryptographic codes are transparent to the users in such a magnificent way that the hackers would never be able to crack the data and codes and breach through the info to alter or delete the records at any point.

What is the job role of miners?

  • One of the most basic questions that every other crypto investor has in the minds is, what is the job role of the miners? Well, if you seek answers to these types of questions then you should be well aware of the fact that bitcoins come through the extraction process of the miners from the mining game of cryptos. In simple words, the miners solve difficult mathematical programs and sums and spend hours to mine out cryptos in the mining hubs. Once they have added the bitcoin to the blockchain, they can expect guaranteed rewards in the form of vital cryptos in the market which they can use in every way possible.
  • Distributed: A blockchain is a distributed network, which means the data is spread across multiple computers or nodes.
  • Immutable: A blockchain is an immutable ledger, which means the data cannot be changed or tampered with.
  • Secure: A blockchain is a secure platform, which means the data is encrypted and protected from cyber-attacks.

These standards keep past blocks from being altered on the grounds that doing so would refute every one of the ensuing blocks.

Bitcoin mining:

  • The main features of bitcoin mining are that it is a decentralized process, there is no central authority overseeing the process, and anyone can participate in the mining process. This means that miners need to constantly invest in new and better hardware to stay ahead of the competition.

As an investor, you can easily invest in the popular cryptocurrencies available in today’s market with the various apps in the market.

Relation between bitcoin, blockchain, and mining:

  • Bitcoin and blockchain are interdependent. Bitcoin and blockchain cannot exist without each other and are both essential.
  • Bitcoin mining is also a way to earn Bitcoin.


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