7 Pros of Buying a Front Load Washer


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In contemporary homes, front load washers are the most preferred fixture. You can also buy one easily because the rates of these washing machines have plummeted over the years. The following are seven pros of buying a front washer you should not miss.

7 Pros of Buying a Front Load Washer

1. Water Efficiency

A front-loading washer is the right choice if you are looking forward to cutting back on water usage. A regular top loader washing machine uses nearly 40 gallons of water per load. However, front loader models use just 20 to 25 gallons because you simply need to fill the drum to wash clothes partially.

2. Front Loaders are Gentle on Your Clothes

Many people claim that their clothes are washed gently when they use a front loader machine. It makes sense because the horizontal axis of this machine means it spins like a dryer. Hence there is no agitator to move your clothes around inside the machine, and you can easily put in any clothes for a wash.

Since the machine does not twist, push, or pull your clothes by an agitator, it reduces the regular trauma to them.

3. Front Loader Machine Spins Better

Through the final spin cycle of laundry, front load washers generally spin nearly 33% faster than conventional top loaders. It means there will be less water in your clothes before you put them to the dryer.

It also means your clothes can dry faster and will be less weighty for you to move clothes between the two units.

4. A Reliable Option

Front-load washers need lesser repairs on major parts partially as these machines use gravity to toss clothing rather than using the central agitator.

The machine is soft on the hardware, and hence, it requires rare repairs. Moreover, front washers have fewer parts that can break compared to top load washers.

5. Energy Efficient

Front-load washing machines are designed for efficiency. They use one-third of the energy and detergent if you compare them with top loaders. Hence, the efficiency of the front washer can save you money every month on energy bills.

6. Less Noisy

If noise is a concern for you, front washers are a great pick. You can even fill your laundry in the washer just before you go for a quick nap as it won’t disturb you.

You can even choose a front washer that has vibration control. This way, you can stabilise the internal drum, so the whole unit does not bang your grounds while operating.

7. More Features in Front Washers

You will get more features in front-loading machines because they are the premium offering when you look out for options in the world of washing machines. Moreover, since the top of the front machines is sealed, you can use it for other purposes.

Finally, shopping for a washing machine eventually depends on what you are personally looking for and where you will perform your laundry. However, you would find greater capacity and better capabilities in front load washers with respect to complete laundry cleaning performance and better stain removal.


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