You Don’t Want These 5 Summer Pests in Your Home


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When the temperature starts to soar, there is an overwhelming number of stinging insects and bugs to combat every year, and part of the battle is protecting our homes from summertime pests. Throughout this article, we talk all about five summer pests you don’t want to have in your home.


Mice aren’t a summer-exclusive pest, but they become much more active when it gets warm. Because they aren’t sheltering from the cold in their nests, they start to mate at a rapid pace, and their offspring are much more likely to survive. Another reason why mice are more common in the summer is their need for food, considering they’ve spent all winter on fewer supplies. The boom in mice activity means that your home is more vulnerable to nesting, which can be a tricky issue to tackle. Therefore, if you spot the signs of mice in your home, contact Advance Pest Control Bristol.


If you crack your window open in the summer, the chances are your home will be full of flies. Having just one fly in your house can be annoying, so imagine having a nest in your home. You will know if you’ve got a nest in your home because of increased fly sightings, maggots, and small dark spots around the home. A fly nest in your home has to be taken care of swiftly, so leave it to a reputable Bristol Pest Controller.


We’ve all been outside enjoying the sun, only to be antagonised by wasps. Unlike bees, wasps can sting you repeatedly, which is a pretty dangerous feature when you combine it with their well-known aggression. However, it’s not a few wasps buzzing around that makes them so harmless; it’s when they choose to nest in your home. If you attempt to remove a wasp nest yourself, you’re likely to come off with stings all over your body. Therefore, you should call Expert Pest Control to remove it safely.


During the winter, ants live off food stored during the summer, which is why you’ll rarely see them in your home. However, when the summer months roll in, ants emerge in their millions and you’ll see them around your home. If you’ve got a nest inside or close to your home, you’ll know about it. They can also be hard to get rid of, since ants are very smart, and they’ll simply move their nest if the queen is in danger. With this in mind, you should rely on pest control in Bristol.


Cockroaches are often associated with holidays in hot places, but there are actually two primary species of cockroaches in the UK, and they thrive during the summer months. The heat of the sun incubates the cockroaches, allowing them to reproduce at alarming rates. If you see signs of them in your home, take action by bringing in a Pest Controller Bristol.

Summer is a fun time of year, but the heat can turn living with pests into a real nightmare. If you see signs of any infestations in your home, contact Bristol Pest Control.


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