Should I Tip My Local Tow Truck Technician?


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Tips are used in most of the service industry, and they are meant to serve as a form of padding and thanks to the person providing the service and the quality of what was rendered. In many instances, the consumer finds the art of tipping confusing because there is no specific standard set. People abide by general ‘rules of thumb’ when it comes to dining out or the food service industry, but things can become a bit murky regarding towing.

The Garden States is no exception to this controversy, and even when you get on the internet, everyone seems to have a different idea and opinion. Towing is an industry based on helping people and resolving issues regarding parking, roadway rules, automobile accidents, breakdowns, police impound, and repossessions. So, when you have to contact an NJ Towing company, how do you know whether or not to leave a tip?

To Tip or Not to Tip

Tipping your tow driver is not required, but it is always an excellent way to thank anyone in the service industry when a job has been completed well and exceeded your expectations. Tipping is a way to show appreciation towards what has been done or services that were rendered for you as the consumer, and sometimes it is used to show what was not appreciated. Generally speaking, a tip should only be made if you are comfortable with it and delighted with the work, and that is up to you. You can leave a little extra as a bonus, but that is never a requirement.

Check Your Local Laws

Specific laws and regulations around wages and tips vary in every state and even further by county. You can always turn to a Google search to see whether or not tips are accepted in your region, and this can answer your questions quickly. Suppose you offer a tip, and your tow truck technician does not accept them. Their company may have regulated against receiving tips because the business can also control rules around tips. Any towing professional will always appreciate a tip if it is allowed but should certainly not expect one.

Evaluate Your Options

There are always other avenues to thank your tow truck driver. Nowadays, it is less and less common for people to carry cash, and if you do not have the means to tip, you can always go above and beyond when you receive exemplary service. Thank yous go the distance every time, and people understand when others do not carry cash – you can also leave a review online or reach out to the company to complement their professionalism. You don’t have to hand over cash tips for it to be a tip well-made!

Realistic Tips

The amount of a tip is also something people love to debate. In the food service industry, 20% seems to be the standard, but that is often even set on the receipt for service. You are provided with general guidelines to adhere to and don’t have to question what is reasonable and what is not. If you request a standard tow, the standard is similar to food service averaging 15% but can increase to 25%.

It is entirely dependent upon your experience with your towing expert. However, the standard doesn’t mean it has to be followed – sometimes you require additional or special services, and the pricing can change; therefore, you can tip what you are comfortable with and according to the quality of towing services.

The New Jersey Tow Guys are the go-to towing option for Garden State and surrounding areas. Their towing specialists are experts in their field and provide the highest quality customer service, safety standards, and security on the road. While tipping tow truck drivers are always appreciated, and towing is no easy feat, customers never expect to provide anything beyond their needs. Tips will always be cherished in the industry, but the true reward is helping a client in need.


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