Suitable Job Options for People with M.Tech Environmental Engineering


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Our economic and technological development has come at a considerable cost—global warming, rapidly diminishing polar ice caps, decreasing biodiversity and the thinning ozone layer. In the face of continued neglect, our future generations could face a tough life on this planet.

Suitable Job Options for people with M.Tech Environmental Engineering

However, all is not lost yet. Many countries have woken up to the seriousness of the problem and taken steps to restore balance in the natural environment. International agreements such as the Paris Accord hold countries responsible for reducing their carbon footprints. This has led to the growth of green sustainability.

From eco-friendly recycled products, innovation in recycling methods of electronic waste, plastics and nuclear waste, eco-friendly modifications to existing structures, there are multiple efforts throughout environmental engineering industry for a greener tomorrow.

Environmental engineers are the foot soldiers of this revolution. If you are an active advocate for the implementation of more environment-friendly ventures, a career in environmental engineering can be a good fit for you. If you are curious about the career possibilities of this profession, this blog can be an informative read. It explains the responsibilities of the profession in simple terms and lists some interesting career options in the domain.

What do environmental engineers do?

As an environmental engineer, your role is to find technology-based solutions for complex environmental issues like climate change, deforestation, excessive population growth and energy crises. You can also be consulted for other problems like improper waste disposal, environmental hazards and air and water pollution.

Majority of environmental engineers work for consultancies or sustainability division of multi-national corporations. They partner with their clients to develop ecologically sustainable innovations for various environmental issues faced by the client organisations.

Career possibilities of environmental engineering

Apart from the satisfaction of bringing positive changes to the planet, jobs in the environmental engineering industry also provide great financial returns. Here are a few exciting career roles in the domain that would be of interest to you:


  • Water project managers: Water might be a natural resource, but it takes a lot of time and effort to supply portable water in the modern-day. Water project managers are mostly employed by dam construction or maintenance authorities to determine how to reduce the wastage of water being let out. As a water project manager, you can also be hired to maintain the quality of drinking water supplied to the general public.
  • Senior environmental engineers: Senior environmental engineers are responsible for managing and mentoring juniors in environmental protection or green innovation companies. They are also responsible for developing new ideas or technologies to take the green revolution forward.
  • Environmental safety directors: Environmental safety directors can be called the environmental custodians of the corporate world. They are responsible for ensuring that their organisations and office spaces do not pose a threat to the environment. They are also responsible for encouraging their employees to adopt green initiatives that can reduce the company’s carbon footprints.

Apart from these roles, you can also serve in government roles to monitor the government initiatives for ecological sustainability. The job of an environmental engineer provides immense work and personal satisfaction in working for the planet. Join a course like M.Tech environmental engineering to join the army of saviours of Mother Nature.


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