Bringing Back the Den, A Room for Men!


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We are here today to revive a fine home tradition that has unfairly fallen out of style in these modern days. Once upon a time there was a special room in the house that was designed by men for men to enjoy, that was distinctly masculine in its character, displaying a rugged kind of decor, yet still the epitome of manly comfort. What was this room that catered so perfectly to the male of the human species called? Aptly enough it shares its name with the bear’s winter retreat and is called The Den. One might say “Oh, you must be talking about a Man Cave!” and they would not be completely wrong as they share many similar features, both being a place that men can escape the rest of the family and just go be, well, a man in, but there is a difference- the Man Cave is usually relegated to some otherwise unloved section of a home like the garage, or a basement, whereas the man cave’s oaken door led proudly out upon the main hall, across from the open to the general public family and living rooms!

bringing back the den a room for men

You see, The Den was built to be classy and sophisticated, the James Bond to the Batman’s Man Cave. The furniture chosen was strong and robust, but of the highest quality, made of materials like natural wood and leather. Picture a leather Ottoman next to a plush velvet armchair with a crystal drink tray placed next to it to hold a Martini, and you would have the gist of it. So, let’s consider reviving this unjustly forgotten tradition, and give the man of the house his Den back!

Although no two Dens are the same, and must reflect the owner’s tastes, the following are some common Den denizens to inspire you!

The Bar

We had to make that Martini somewhere, and it’s a cinch we didn’t go down the hall to the kitchen to do it! The Den’s bar is a requirement, it’s the place where a father pours his just come of age son his first drink (well, pretends it’s his first anyway) and they toast to the future in manly style, and where a man and his most trusted friends gather to complain about the women in their lives. This is where you keep the good booze, and the top shelf lives up to its name! Plus, there are plenty of cold ones in the mini-fridge!

The Card Table

The manly men of old didn’t have to bribe the wife and kids with movie tickets to clear them out of the dining room for the Saturday night poker game, they played it in The Den, and kept the door locked to prevent interruptions! The table should be round for optimum knightly camaraderie and to prevent cheating.

The Decor

A painting of hunting dogs. A brass telescope. A mounted moose head. A fancy chessboard. A suit of medieval armour. Wall light fixtures that resemble torches. A hanging shield emblazoned with the coat of arms you ordered from the internet. A meerschaum pipe (you don’t have to smoke it). A model sailboat. You know, manly things!

The Den- A room for Men!


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