A Complete Guide to Wedding Catering


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If you have reserved a dry-hire wedding location or you are looking for a certain cuisine type that the regular venue simply doesn’t provide, you would have to look into booking a wedding catering.

Selecting a booking of a wedding catering to many is a fun situation as who wouldn’t be interested in talking about food and choosing from a wide variety of choices. However, if you are unaware of your canapés, the situation can get very confusing for you. Furthermore, it’s not just about the food. Other options need to be considered as the budget, portions, etc., and the once fun activity could turn stressful.

A Complete Guide to Wedding Catering

Some important aspects to consider when choosing a caterer

The first step is to choose the right caterer. Although it depends on the client’s preferences and requirements that would determine the conclusion, the following are some of the questions that should be considered:-

  1. Is there a special set menu, or a bespoke service is also offered?
  2. Testing the sample menu
  3. Asking for the most popular dishes
  4. Asking the charges, i.e., do they charge according to cost per head or a bulk fee
  5. Has the caterer ever worked on the selected venue before?
  6. Complimentary food testing
  7. In cases the number of guests exceeds the expected count, is it possible to manage it in additional costs
  8. Does the caterer offer wedding cakes?
  9. The availability of cutlery, plates, and table linen should be asked
  10. The payment method

The following are some of the main questions that can be asked; however, you should always prepare a list for yourself based on your specific requirements. A plan allows you to write down all the aspects related to the wedding if you forget any. Furthermore, it will help you with an overall estimate.

Wedding catering services in Christchurch

If you are searching for wedding catering services in Christchurch or nearby areas, The BESPOKE chef offered packages should be viewed. You can click here to view their website and to contact them personally to book an appointment.

The staff at the BESPOKE chef is highly qualified. They recognize the importance of the day and thus offer dining services accordingly. A major advantage of providing their services is that they provide a customized menu, which means that you can quickly get your desired dishes reserved. Furthermore, the offered menus are cost-efficient.

The following are some of the styles offered:-

  • Cocktail canapés
  • Sharing platters
  • Bespoke feasts
  • Formal dining

Regardless of the type of dining style that you are inclined towards, there is a package available for you to provide high-quality services and food quality.

The BESPOKE Chef catering services across the Canterbury area, and Christchurch is planned to ensure that your special day is charming and pleasing. The professionals would come to your chosen venue and provide the on-site preparation and cuisine for irresistible flavors and complete freshness. It liaises with the selected location or venue organizer to ensure they have all the events covered on time, so you don’t get caught up in management’s stressful event and enjoy your day.


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