Check Marks to Pick the Right Beard Oil


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Nowadays, a beard is the most attractive weapon for men. It is really crucial to maintain it properly to avoid a bad beard or you can say bad looks.

But a beard is something which needs to be taken care of religiously, otherwise it will start to look unpleasant.

Check Marks to Pick the Right Beard Oil

Beard care involves many products and steps. The initial one is beard oiling.

Many people don’t understand the difference between applying any usual oil on a beard and applying proper beard oil. Normal or regular oils don’t work the same as beard oils. Beard oils are specially made for maintaining and keeping your beard in a good condition.

In this article you will get to know everything about beard oils.

What is beard oil?

Before knowing the importance and benefits of beard oil, one needs to understand the meaning and formation of beard oil.

Beard oil gives moisture to your beard and skin underneath your beard. It also softens the beard. It makes it look fuller, thicker and unkempt. It is also believed that beard oils promote beard growth, which scientifically isn’t proven right yet.

Benefits of beard

Maintains your beard

Naturally the beard hair tends to be thicker and rougher in texture as compared to hair on your head. Therefore, the beard needs to be moisturised and oiled regularly. Beard oils control the scraggly and flaky hairs which results in shinier and sleek beard.

Gives moisture to the skin underneath

Moisturiser is essential for skin. It needs to be hydrated. Beard oils help to supply adequate amounts of moisture to the skin. Applying beard oils also reduces the chance of beard dandruff and itchiness on face

Makes beard look thicker

Beard oils make your patchy, scraggly and unequal beard look fuller and lusher. Therefore, people use beard oils.

Makes your beard smell better

Ready-made beard oils have scent in them. And they can be used in place of cologne. They make you feel fresh and spread fragrance around you. You can also make scented beard oils at home by adding fragrance of your choice to oil.

How to apply beard oil?

Before applying any product on your skin you should know the proper way of using that product else it can lead to negative impacts. In case of beard oil, the best time is to apply beard oil after showering and shampooing your beard. You should use beard oil when your pores are open. You can use beard oil everyday or every other day.

Do not overdo the amounts as excess of everything results in negative impacts. Applying beard oils in excessive amounts would make it greaser and it would look oily and filthy instead of sleek and sexy.

7 best beard oils for men

1. Horace Lemon & Mint Beard Oil

Scent: Citrus/fresh

Benefits: Softens bristles, soothes easily irritated skin

Powered by: Jamaican black castor oil, argan oil & vita

2. Heath Beard Oil

Scent: Sea salt and sage

Benefits: Promotes hair growth, great for acne/blemish prone skin types

Powered by: Salicylic acid, avocado oil & jojoba oil.

3. Davines ‘Pasta & Love’ Pre-shaving & Beard Oil

Scent: Citrus with earthy undertones of patchouli

Benefits: Can also be used as a shaving oil, relieves skin irritation and redness

Powered by: Alchechengi, almond oil

4. Adam Grooming Atelier Daily Beard Oil

Scent: Woody with a kick of clary sage and pins.

Benefits: Softens bristles and promotes hair growth

Powered by: Grapeseed oil, cedarwood & wild pine

5. Elemis Smooth Result Shave & Beard Oil

Scent: Botanical

Benefits: Hydration for all skin types, especially those with variable facial hair

Powered by: Jojoba, hazelnut & grape seed oils

6. Dr Harris Beard Oil

Scent: Citrus

Benefits: Soothes irritated skin and gives beard hair a gentle scent

Powered by: Abyssinian & jojoba oil

7. Jack Black Beard Oil

Scent: Aromatic/botanical

Benefits: Prevents itchy/flaky skin, particularly good for dry coarse hair, promotes shine

Powered by: Kalahari melon oil & vitamin E

All these beard oils are easily available online but might not be easily accessible in your nearby stores.


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