Why are Progressive Lenses Blurry on the Sides?


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Progressive lenses are a bit different in design from what you are used to. It creates a lot of doubts and confusion on how to use and understand progressive lens glasses. If you are also new to progressive lenses then join the club, it’s very common to get confused or have doubts about these glasses because they are distinct in design and also offers more than just one sight correction. It is modern and advanced and has better ways to provide you clear vision than any other pair of lenses.

Why are Progressive Lenses Blurry on the Sides

The most common issue people have with progresive lenses is their side portion that’s blurred. It does make sense to be confused about seeing glasses blurry but however its done purposely on the progressive lenses. The blurred portion helps to give a good gradual transition between the lenses.

Read on to find how pregresive lenses help and why they are different in design.

What are Progressive lenses?

Progressive glasses are also known as varifocal glasses. Progressive lenses have three different prescriptions embedded in one lens. The lens has three different sections which perform different focal corrections. Progressive lenses allow you to see distant, intermediate and up close distance in a single frame.

Since it provides three distant solutions, its chosen as a better alternative compared to bifocal glasses. Progressive glasses not only lets you see far objects, do computer work or read a book closely but it does it with a smooth transition. It lets you go from far to near with simply moving the pupils, unlike bifocal glasses.

There’s been a constant change for providing a convenient mode of vision and progressive lenses symbolizes such a modern step. Millions of varifocal glasses online are there to customise according to your vision needs and also offer comfort.

How does Progressive lenses work?

Progressive lenses have three different portions in the lenses. The upper portion of the lens allows distant vision, the intermediate portion allows computer work and the lower section offers near distant vision. You just have to move your pupils in different directions for reading a book or reading a website on the computer. It offers seamless transition from far to near and vice-versa. It is achievable through its non-visible line presence where there is no conspicuous diving line to tell you which portion to look at. Aesthetically speaking, varifocal glasses are a great fashion forward glasses for their smooth and seamless design.

Which age group uses Progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are used by people over 40’s or around because they lose the ability to focus at near distance objects. It’s a natural and quite common eye condition among aging people that’s known as presbyopia. You develop presbyopia in your 40’s because the crystalline lens of your eyes lose the ability to refocus the light rays on the cornea.

People with myopia (nearsightedness) also use progressive lenses. It allows you to see near distant objects clearly through its lower section and also allows proper transition to far or intermediate distance without causing headaches or dizziness.

Why are progressive lenses blurry on the sides?

The progressive lenses contain peripheral distortion on the side of the glasses to allow smooth and gradual transition. The blurry side of the lenses allows you to distract your eyes from moving into different directions but only in correct order.

What’s the benefit of Progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are modern glasses that incorporate three different sight corrections. It offers to correct your near, far and arm length work with one single lens. You don’t need two different pairs of glasses for near and far correction. It also gives you a smooth transition from the distant to near or vice versa.

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