Ajman Free Zone License Cancellation Procedure


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if you were previously working in Ajman free zone under a trade license and now you are done with working here, you need to cancel your license first. There are certain documents that everybody who wants to cancel his or her license needs as well as fees that everybody pays.

Documents required for the cancellation of a man free zone license

Letter from the company

A signed as well as a sealed letter is required from the side of the company for the license cancellation.

Trade license

If the original trade license is valid, it should be submitted as well.

Chamber of Commerce Membership Registration Certificate

Submit the original Chamber of Commerce Membership Registration Certificate in case if it is valid.

Old tenancy contract

Submit the valid Old tenancy contract

Liability lease letters

Attach the liability lease letter from the Etisalat. Other liability lease letters that are to be attached are;

  • Liability release letter from Car Showrooms Department Office
  • Liability release letter from FEWA (warehouses, plots, showrooms, offices)
  • Liability release letter from Ajman Wastewater Department that are related to (warehouses, plots, showrooms)

Submit the site keys

If you are having any sort of keys including the keys of warehouses, plots, showrooms, offices, you ought to submit them.

Residency visa cancellation papers

All the papers that are regarding residency visa cancellation must be submitted. These papers should have a stamp of airport exit stamp or General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs if the person is still in the state.

– Liability release letter from Ajman Wastewater Department regarding (warehouses, plots, showrooms)

Fees to be paid
Type Fees
Cancellation fees of License – 1,000 AED
Fees of Declaration – 500 AED



  • All the residency visas are to be terminated under the sponsorship of the company except owners before submitting the application for license cancellation. This is done in this way because the cancellation will be declared after 17 days.
  • All the partners must sign the application of the closure of the company if it is a free zone company
  • While submitting the application, there should be picture presence of the owners. This will ensure the safe and sound processing of the matters.
  • If the person wants someone else to go and submit the application on his behalf, he should first submit an authorization letter. This letter will give authority to the other person to go and submit the application.
  • If the dealing of the matter is happening inside the state, the authorization letter should get attested by a UAE Court
  • If the dealing of the matter is happening outside the state, the authorization letter should get attested by UAE Embassy in the foreign state and UAE Foreign Affairs
  • In the authorization letter, the owner will give authority to someone to sign, apply and receive on his behalf

The Establishment card should be returned to Ajman Free Zone

all of the steps mentioned above are to be followed by the person who wants his license to get cancelled. If you need more help for business setup in Ajman free zone and Ajman free zone license cancellation procedure, Please contact the experienced consultants – MAF Consulting Middle East.


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