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Everyone desires to become a seller who is most popular and whose collection never goes in the dead stock. And if you want to become the same, then all it requires the hard work. But in today’s generation or era, you also need to do the smart work along with hard work.

You should be aware of the techniques and the technology which are used in the market. But moreover, when it is concerned to the gemstone jewelry business, then you should know everything about them, like which stone you need to pick, which are the most trendy colors, why people buy them more and what special quality it has, which other stones doesnot.

Now, you’re thinking that it is very difficult to know everything. But don’t you worry, because being your jewelry guide, I am here to tell you everything about the gemstones, from the most trendy worn at the parties to the gems which are worn daily and their physical appearance and healing properties. So, let us just get started with the hottest selling gemstones.

Moldavite and the Libyan Desert are the stone that everyone desire.

Moldavite is the greenstone, ranging from light to dark. It is a tektite that is only found in the Czech Republic as the comets and meteoroids were fallen in that area. Although, these crystals were sent to NASA for testing, where they were approved as a semi-precious gemstones. So, now you can imagine what powers these stones would have. People are crazy about wearing Moldavite jewelry.

Moreover, Libyan desert glass is another tektite that has fallen to the earth in the area of the Libyan desert around 28.5 million years ago. It is a yellow stone that appears to be beautiful when worn in the form of jewelry. Many kings and queens used to wear the Libyan Desert Glass jewelry to keep the evil energies away from them and their kingdoms. Let your creative side evolve by styling subtle and beautiful by wearing Libyan Desert Glass Jewelry. The warm color and exquisite statement appeal of the Libyan Desert Glass neckpiece help you get the chic look. The graceful golden yellow glassy stone helps heal the body Chakras below the wearer’s stomach.

Both these gemstones are best suited for wearing at business events. They will create an ambiance where everyone would praise the wearer for their personality. Furthermore, they can be matched with all kinds of outfits. They can be worn daily as well as at special events.

Moonstone is the stone that would steal the heart of every beholder.

The bright, captivating gemstone with the smooth and soft texture is none other than Moonstone jewelry. It has a stunning luminosity that holds a deep meaning behind its name. The stone displays the color play of light, which reveals its deep essence. Ancients believed that these gems were the moonbeams, which have the energy of the moon and the stars in them. Embrace your divine female calm energies by investing in Moonstone Jewelry. The visual concept of sparkling moonlight makes Moonstone beautiful.

Properties of Moonstone

The stone comes in many colors, sizes, and shapes, giving all the options to the customer to choose from. However, it is available in shades of blue, white, and rainbow. Furthermore, the shapes of the Moonstone are usually ovals, but it also comes in Tapered sugarloaf- an angular cabochon with a square base. Moreover, you can choose the range of the Moonstone, as they come from transparent to translucent, and the rates are between 6 to 6.5.


In addition, this gemstone has many healing benefits, and it is basically worn to bring innovative energies. Therefore, the user would be able to make a good decision in their life, securing their future. Wearing a moonstone ring every day can keep personal health and wealth. Moreover, it will keep the person away from negative energies and surround their environment with joy and happiness.

Styling the Moonstone with Larimar

A Moonstone necklace is a perfect piece to be worn during parties; moreover, Larimar jewelry can be matched with it, as it would give an ideal appearance to the wearer’s look. Everyone at the party would be staring at the wearer. Blue is the color of peace and calmness, so wearing blue will never go out of trend. Moreover, Larimar is one of the prettiest gemstones, as it is only found in the Dominican Republic in the whole world. Style soothing beach vibe Larimar Jewelry to feel refreshing this summer. Sea blue color and unique patterns on the larimar stone make it a good stone for crafting jewelry. Harmonize your emotions by wearing a beautiful larimar gemstone ornament.

Opals are the most elegant gemstone

The soft, delicate gem set into sterling silver metal, showing the play of color, is none other than the Opal. It is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. If you are an active social media user, especially talking about Instagram and Facebook, you would have seen many women flaunting their Opal jewelry. Apart from fashion, the opal rings are used for proposing to the soulmates or as a gift for a partner. In addition, the stone has a connection with the Planet Venus and has the energy of love and compassion associated with it. So, always have the collection of opals with you.

Turquoise is an excellent choice

Turquoise is one of the most popular gemstones you would have known about. Some people buy Turquoise jewelry to wear at special events, like the wedding ceremonies or at red carpet events, whereas many wear it on a daily basis to bring good fortune, wealth, and luxury. This bluish-green gemstone makes the person look elegant and sophisticated. Moreover, this crystal is one of the oldest gemstones and is the only stone after which the color has been officially named.


Turquoise is a sign of protection, and it will always guard its user from the difficult situation of life. Especially the ones born in the month of December are benefited, as the stone is the birthstone of December babies. Moreover, it will save the user while traveling from unsafe areas or late-night travel. Divert the attention of people by styling timeless and trendy Turquoise Jewelry. The turquoise gemstone is a December birthstone. Turquoise or blue stone looks tempting in the form of a sterling silver ornament.

Source of buying these gemstones

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