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For some circles, inheritance can even lead to wars, division, and slander within the family. It is necessary to regulate estate to children, wives/ husbands, and other entitled heirs. Therefore, sometimes someone prefers the distribution of inheritance in the form of a will. Here are how to create my will online UK.

The tendency to choose a will in the distribution of inheritance is generally preferred to avoid a prolonged conflict over the inheritance. This is understandable because, in general, the heir does not want his legacy to be enjoyed by irresponsible parties. In practice, it is easier to distribute inheritance based on a will than it is to distribute estate based on heritage. Considering that in legacy, disputes often arise about who the heirs are and who is entitled to acquire property rights over the inheritance.

Understand How to Create My Will Online UK

The strength of a will depends on what it contains because in issuing a choice, a person cannot be as he pleases. Some special rules and conditions must be obeyed. What are the requirements for making a will? Here is the explanation.

Does not violate the terms of distribution

Legitime Portie is part and property that must be given to the heirs in a straight line according to the law, against which a person who dies may not determine something, either as a gift between people who are still alive or as a will. The size of the Legitime Portie is different, depending on the number of existing heirs, with the following conditions:

  • If the inheritor leaves only one legitimate child on the down line, then the legitieme portie consists of one half (1/2) of the inheritance that the child would have received on inheritance due to death.
  • If the deceased leaves two children, then the legitieme portie for each child is two-thirds of what each child would have received on inheritance due to death.
  • In the event that a person who dies leaves three or more children, then the legitimacy portie is three-fourths of what each child would have received on inheritance due to death.
  • In the upward line the legitime portie is always equal to half of what according to the law is part of each blood family in that line to inheritance by death;
  • Legitime portie and children born out of wedlock but have been legally recognized, is one half of the share that was originally given to the out-of-wedlock child on inheritance due to death.

However, if the blood family is in the line up and down and children outside the legally recognized marriage are absent, then deed grants made between those who are still alive or by will, can cover the entire inheritance.

A will is one of the things that can help the heir to distribute his assets properly without causing disputes among his heirs. Therefore, a will must be made in accordance with the applicable provisions, so that there are no legal loopholes for people who want to take all the inheritance for their own interests.

We never know when someone will go away forever, therefore for some people a will is very important so that the survivor knows how to manage the inheritance of the heir. Let’s look at some information about a will and its benefits

A will is a holographic will. This means that this letter is a closed or dependent confidential letter. Where in the process of making the letter, it is not made in front of a public official, or what is known as an underhand deed. A will is usually needed or used to solve problems that are administrative in nature but have legal force. Here are the benefits of making a will.

To Declare Legitimate Heir

The purpose of making this will is to select the rightful heir by the rightful official, Pins. This letter will be used in fulfilling the administrative requirements required for the affairs of the heir. Without this letter, you or your siblings are not considered legal heirs.

As Evidence For Disbursement of Savings / Deposits of the heir at the Bank

In addition to declaring a legal heir, a will is also used as evidence for disbursement of the heir’s savings or deposit at the bank, Pins. For example, you or your relatives are appointed as heirs to take the heir’s savings at the bank. Then you have to show the letter during disbursement.

Change Land Ownership Name

If the heir inherits the land in the name of the deceased, then you must change the name of the land ownership, Pins. The function of this letter is for administrative requirements in handling changes to the name in the land certificate on behalf of the beneficiary. The purpose of this will is so that the land of the heir can be sold if it is to be sold or granted so that the heirs can have rights, what to do with the land.

As Information Regarding the heir, the heirs, and the rights of the heirs

Specifically for a will made by a notary, this letter serves as the information needed both information about the heirs, the heirs, to what rights are part of the heirs.
To Ensure That the Will of the Heir will be carried out

The heir owns important assets which the heir prepares for certain people. Therefore, the only way to ensure heirs get their rights is to have a legally binding will. The letter will describe in detail what will be the will of the heir.

To Ease the Burdens of the Abandoned Families

The will made by the heir can greatly ease the burden on the family left behind. With this Inheritance Letter, the families who are left behind do not have to bother in managing the distribution of assets, which often can lead to disputes between grieving families.

Don’t think it’s time to write a will? Why not. Did you know that making a will can prevent and prepare for future unforeseen events, from preparing children’s future supplies, protecting property from falling into the hands of unauthorized people unless appointed, to conflicts over inheritance? Making a will is best done while the party giving the legacy is still alive.


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