The Most Efficient Ways to Keep Your Floors Spick & Span


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Cleaning floors can be a bit of a drag, and it’s something that you probably avoid like the plague. It’s not the most fun you’ll ever have, but it’s something that must be done. It’s a sort of necessary evil of life. So, what can you do to make sure your floors remain in prime condition?

The Most Efficient Ways to Keep Your Floors Spick & Span


Pick the Right Equipment

Every job has its necessary tools of the trade. Cleaning your floors also calls for the right type of hardware. And each floor comes with its unique set of challenges that call for a unique approach.

If you’re dealing with your carpets, a carpet cleaner will make the most sensible choice. The best carpet cleaners come with a power brush option for more profound scrubbing action while also incorporating heavy-duty suction action for a thorough cleaning experience. If you have tile floors, then go for a steam mop. The best steam mops have cleaning pads with lots of nap that make them perfect for cleaning out the icky grout between your tile crevices.

Having the right kind of equipment in your cleaning arsenal goes a long way in keeping your floors clean. After all, waging war on dirty floors requires preparedness and tact.

Vacuum Regularly

Chances are that you typically vacuum once a week, at best. Sometimes the lazy bug bites, and you do it once every two weeks. You’ve made peace with the fact that you don’t need to do it as often as you should.

Well, for the sake of your floors, you should consider vacuuming at least once a week. And when you vacuum, don’t rush it. If you’re going to get it done, set aside about 30 minutes so that you can get in there. Don’t let the dirt win.

Leave Shoes Outside

Your shoes take you to lots of places throughout the day. If they could talk, you’d probably be shocked by the tales of their excursions. There are times you step on stuff you don’t even know about and carry on blissfully ignorant. Then you get home and make the horrendous mistake of coming in with your shoes.

For the sake of your floor’s decency, make a habit of leaving your shoes at the door. You could set up a shoe shelf or mat where you leave your shoes every day and have a pair of slippers to wear once inside. That way, you’ll keep all the nasty stuff you’ve picked up off your floors.

Clean Up Spills ASAP

Your floor endures a lot. From coffee and milk spills to trails of cookie and bread crumbs, the list goes on. Neglecting your floors once a mess has happened isn’t the best way to keep them in prime condition.

Once you see a spot, act quickly to get it cleaned up. Not only does quick action keep the liquid mess from spreading, but it also makes the clean-up much more manageable. There’s also the bonus of keeping pesky critters away.

Have a Dustpan and Brush

Glasses break, pets shed their fur, and bits of cereal always find their way to the floor. Such are the inevitabilities of home living. Dealing with these kinds of mishaps can get frustrating, especially since they tend to happen regularly.

So, what’s the best solution? Have a dustpan and brush in hand to gather everything quickly and dispose of it. Your floor will be a much happier camper.

Replace The Wax

Waxed floors look pretty, but they have a nasty habit of picking up dirt over time. And if you don’t watch out, it can get real bad real fast. So what’s the best remedy for keeping your waxed floors in good shape?

Remove the wax and get them waxed again. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s worth the effort. You could make use of a cloth that’s been moistened with a bit of white spirit and use the cloth to dissolve away the wax and dirt. Then use crumpled newspaper to wipe away the gunk, and after everything is dry, apply a fresh coat of polish.

Restrictions On Your Pets

This tip might not go down well if you’re a pet lover, but it needs some addressing. Pets are fantastic companions, that much is clear. But they tend to shed a lot, and it’s by no means their fault. Nature will take its course after all.

But if you want to minimize the amount of pet fur on your floor, put a few restrictions in place. That doesn’t mean lock them up 24/7. It merely means that you could have a couple of no-go zones for your pets. At least that way they won’t shed all over the place.

Use Vinegar for Porcelain or Tile Floors

Sometimes, commercially available cleaners end up falling short of expectations. When that happens, there’s a handy alternative in the form of vinegar that could do the job. Vinegar is touted as a better alternative to soaps available on the market.

Vinegar is natural and non-toxic, meaning that it’s able to disinfect your floor without leaving a scent safely. Vinegar’s mildly acidic property also works well at dissolving grease stains. And if you’re one to experiment, then you can customize the scent by adding a few drops of essential oils into the vinegar before using it.

Use Carpet Spray for Tile Spaces

Those spaces between tiles can sometimes feel like the hardest places to cleanout. Bits of dirt and grease get lodged there, and they don’t want to leave. But there’s a simple remedy in the form of carpet spray.

Spray your usual carpet cleaner onto the grout lines and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then scrub off with a stiff brush and mop it all up as usual. Simple as can be and very effective.

Managing the state of your floor’s hygiene is an essential aspect of maintaining a clean home. Clean floors create a space that’s worth coming home to. With these tips, put the sparkle back in your floor and keep it there.

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